10 Effective Ways to Defeat Self Doubt As a Nail Tech


Let's face it, being a nail tech or a nail salon owner is not a walk in the park. There will be times when you have an artist block or are not good enough in your craft.

It's okay; everyone experiences having self-doubt regardless of your nail mastery. We're here to help you crush self-doubt and continue slaying when it comes to nails. Read on to find out more!


1. Start small


Yes, starting small doesn't mean you can't do the big things instantly since sometimes it can be overwhelming to tackle a huge task. If you have self-doubt, you can always take the first step and start from the bottom.

Remember, the nail pros you know probably started their career clueless and plagued with insecurities. It's normal, especially if you're still learning as you go. You can read our blog about practical tips for beginner nail tech.

 2. Embrace the fear


Whatever you're afraid of, whether failing on your online marketing strategies or not knowing what drill bits to use, embrace the fear since it will guide you. Don't let your fight or flight instincts consume you and sabotage your budding nail career. It's okay to be afraid, especially when you're just starting your nail career. If you're someone who is already on top of their career, it's normal to be afraid of not getting more time for your family or wrecking your business. 

Fear is not always a bad thing, but if you have to take the first step with trembling hands and closed eyes, take the plunge, and you'll thank yourself for being brave. Self-doubt is not something you should embrace, but it's something you should navigate since you'll experience it multiple times in your nail career, but you can always use it for good.

3. Challenge yourself


If you think being a nail tech is a bed of roses, then you're wrong. Challenges are always present when you're working in the beauty industry. You'll encounter plenty of good and bad experiences that will push you to the limit.

Sometimes, a client will allow you to do freestyle, and you’re unsure what to do, or your e-file will stop in the middle of a nail session. Don't let self-doubt stop you from enjoying the thrilling ride. Take it as an opportunity to push your boundaries and grow for the better.

4. Educate yourself


For you to keep self-doubt at bay or totally obliterate it, invest in yourself, most importantly by furthering your nail education, don't be afraid to enroll in an online nail tech class or join our online community to watch nail product demos and tutorials. Upskilling yourself and constantly learning is one of the keys for you to defeat self-doubt since you'll feel empowered and equipped as a nail professional.

5. Get feedback from other people


Another thing that you can do is to get constructive criticisms from your loved ones or clients to know where you can improve and how you can do so. It can be daunting to ask for feedback since we all want to hear good things with our hard work, but sometimes it can help us grow and be better.

Remember not to take negative feedback by heart since it'll make your self-doubt grow stronger; feedback is not given to break you but to help you succeed.

6. Listen to the people you love


There will be times that you'll feel discouraged when you'll hear naysayers or when self-doubt is eating your confidence away. The best thing you can do is go to the people you feel safe and love. There are people who will encourage you and remind you of your worth. Don't listen to the people who doubt you but to those who believe in your abilities.

7. Fight for your dreams


Don't give up on your dreams just because self-doubt stands in the way. Remember, you have come a long way to stop now. Chasing your dreams is never easy, but in the end, it's always worth it. Self-doubt is just an obstacle you can overcome; think of your goals whenever you feel like giving up.

Think of the good things from the exhilarating feeling of receiving a nail mail to seeing your client's smile with your nail set. How about going to your dream home nail salon for work?

8. Take a mental health break


You need to practice mental health care since self-doubt can drain your energy physically and mentally. You'll be using a lot of your power as a nail tech in designing nail art designs and marketing yourself. Don't be afraid to breathe and take care of yourself. Take every opportunity to unwind and enjoy life as much as you can.


9. Get artistic inspiration


If you have an artist block and it's making you think your nail art designs are unoriginal and not good enough. Utilize social media sites to get inspiration, feed your curiosity, and just enjoy looking at visuals that inspire you. Once you feel inspired, it'll be much easier to design a nail set, whether for press ons or acrylic nails. Listen to music or dance, do the things that will make you feel free, and see life differently.

10. Surround yourself with good energy


Be with the people who will energize you and make you feel good, be in a place that will help you grow and be you. Life is too short to let self-doubt stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.

It's not easy to always be light and cheery, but it would help if you'll feel hopeful rather than letting fear get the best of you. Go to where you will be better and prosper as a nail tech and an individual. Let your nail designs and passion for beauty inspire others and empower you.

Your emotions are valid, and it's okay to feel self-doubt; just don't let it stop you from being awesome! You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community, where you'll be meeting hardworking and encouraging nail professionals. It's a safe space to learn, create and inspire one another. Join us!