8 Successful Celebrity Nail Techs to Keep Tabs on for Inspiration


There’s a reason why celebrity nails are making rounds on the internet and becoming a trend since they wear the hottest nail designs like ombre nails, Japanese nail art,  3D nail designs, acrylic nails, and more. 

Yes, these celebrities have nails that always look gorgeous and ready to go, but of course, these Instagram-worthy nails of these A-listers, behind all the glitz and glam, there are hardworking and talented nail techs putting in art in the term nail artistry. 

It’s high time to celebrate their works and success in the beauty industry. If you’re looking for a role model to motivate you, then here’s our roundup of celebrity nail tech artists you should follow.

1. Alicia Torello


If you’re a massive fan of fun-filled nail art designs such as abstract line art, glitters, cow prints, fruit designs, and colorful manicures, then Alicia Torello should be right up your alley. 

Her clients are Kendall Jenner, Emilia Clarke, Jennifer Lawrence, Joan Smalls, Oprah, and other celebrities. You can also see her nail art ideas splashed on the pages of Vogue, Double Magazine, and Allure. You can follow her on Instagram.

2. Betina Goldstein


We all want to make our nails feel luxurious, classy, and presentable to others. If you fancy nail art designs that are minimalistic but innovative, she’s known for her tonal ombre manicure. 

If you’re someone who loves to do ombre, you can take inspiration from her work by reading our ombre nails guide. Betina is a Chanel nail artist based in Los Angeles. Her nail art designs grace the nails of A-listers like Dakota Johnson, Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Rodrigo, Shailene Woodley, Shawn Mendes, and Gemma Chan. 

You’ll see more of her nail art designs, from French tip nails to holographic nail polish on the covers of Vogue and Elle magazines. She’s an entrepreneur, and she runs the beauty brands Doublemoss Arte & Doublemoss Jewelry. How can you not love her? She’s an inspiring nail tech artist you should take inspiration from! Check out her Instagram page.

3. Britney Tokyo


This talented nail tech is based in Los Angeles and designed nails for Vanessa Hudgen,  Rita Ora, Rico Nasty, Charli XCX, CL,  Lizzo, and Charli D'Amelio. Her love for nails started young since she draws a lot and appreciates art and fashion. Doing nails is only her passion since she's also a contemporary artist and a columnist.

As her name suggests, she came from Japan and started her humble beginnings working at a nail salon. Her nail designs consist of funky, long nails with 3D art and charms. She's all about pushing boundaries and taking inspiration from her surroundings and things.

4. Jenny Bui


Who doesn't know about Jenny Bui? She's the legendary nail tech artist behind the all-out glam and bling of rapper Cardi B. If you love rhinestones, charms, decals on your nail art designs, then the spotlight is on her. You can definitely see why she's called The Queen of Bling and won the Nail Artist Influencer of the year in 2019. 

If you're looking for nail art ideas, her Instagram profile won't fail you since it's crystal-studded( pun intended). Aside from Cardi B being her biggest fan of nail art, Yandy Smith is also one of her clients. She's currently based in the Bronx, where her nail salon is located; she has been doing nails for over 21 years.

5. Eloisa Marie Perez


Eloisa is a talented Los- Angeles-based nail tech artist; if you love long, shimmery, sculpture gel nails and crystal-studded nail art designs, then you should keep tabs on her Instagram page! She started her nail tech career in 2016 when she was a high school student taking up a dual degree program. 

Her nail career started when she watched a friend of hers do nail art. Since then, she became hooked and decided to give it a try. Now she’s busy designing nails for celebrities, Cardi B and Blac Chyna. She’s running her nail business called Marie Nailz, teaching online nail tech classes to other aspiring nail professionals. You’ll learn a thing or two from her webinars, such as using cuticle oils and gel polish.

6. Coca Michelle


Life is full of art, opportunities, and challenges, nail tech artist  Coca Michelle is all about pushing her creative boundaries, finding life’s purpose, and crushing self-doubt as a nail tech. Coca hailed from England, where her parents work as nail techs. 

Her nail career didn’t start right off the bat since she wanted to pursue her other interest by studying in the United States to work as a fashion intern. Her love for nail art designs still hasn't faded since she posted her nail art on her Instagram page when singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor booked her. 

The rest is history; she now has a roster of celebrity clients up her belt, such as Megan Thee Stallion, Christina Aguilera, and Jhene Aiko. 

Coca’s style doesn’t conform to a certain nail trend since she likes to do freestyle nail art designs that are artistic and innovative, from Oreo cookies-inspired food nails to anime nails. Coca will inspire you to be unapologetically you as a nail tech. You can also take notes from her online marketing strategies since they worked for her!

7. Eri Ishizu


If there is one thing Eri Ishizu can tell you about, being a nail tech takes time, perseverance, and lots of hard work; talent is another thing but so is pushing fear to the side and making your dreams come true. 

Eri dreamed of designing nails for Alicia Keys, which prompted her to move to Japan and work in a nail salon to do Japanese nail art at the age of 22. Then she moved to the US to pursue her nail tech career by working for a well-known nail salon. She started doing freelance right after. 

A friend of hers who works in a  recording company opened doors for her from booking clients from all walks of life to designing nails of Angie Martinez, Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Issa Rae, and Kehlani. She may not yet be creating Alicia Keys nails, but it's only a matter of time since she is reaching new heights with her nail art designing skills. On her Instagram account, you can check out her works with colorful and funky designs, from ombre nails to rose quartz.

8. Thuy Nguyen


You probably heard of the Emily in Paris star Lilly Collins, celebrities like Joey Mead King, Reese Witherspoon, Lana Candor, Mindy Kaling, Naomi Scott, Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens, Gabrielle Union, and the list could go on and on. They are one of the clients of manicurist Thuy Nguyen. 

If you’re fond of minimalist and neutral nail art designs, then Thuy nail ideas will not disappoint you. You’ll see all of her works on her Instagram page, along with the smiling faces of celebrities. Her nail designs are swoon-worthy for a reason, and you’ll agree with them too. Read our blog here if you want to learn how to make your nail clients fall head over heels for you as a nail tech.



How do you feel after reading our roundup? Feel energized and proud to be a nail tech artist? We all have dreams, whether becoming a nail salon owner or a successful nail tech artist, but if there’s one thing we can take away from these celebrity nail tech artists, nothing defeats passion in what you do. Keep the fire going by constantly learning and connecting with our nail professionals. You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook Community to do so!