Everything You Need To Know About Nail Brushes

Every nail masterpiece begins with the right tools. Nail Brushes are one of the industry staples that allow you to create beautiful nail designs for yourself and your clients. They are great investments for honing your skills and creativity, while helping you complete your day-to-day nail work. Whether it’s your first time trying acrylic or you’re hunting for some nail art brushes to add to your business, iGel Beauty has a wide range of high-quality nail brushes that cater to different nail techniques and styles.
Let’s dive into each iGel Beauty brush category and learn how to clean our nail brushes correctly!


1. Kolinsky Brushes


iGel Beauty Kolinsky Brushes are authentically smooth and premium-grade brushes directly from the Kolinsky Factory. Our 8 Kolinsky Brushes are more condensed compared to standard synthetic nail brushes, and have sleek Blackwood handles and quality bristles that can satisfy all of your nail requirements. Furthermore, these exceptional brushes are ideal for acrylic application and intricate nail designs.

Curious about brush pinching? Depending on your preference, you may choose to pinch your Kolinsky Brush or leave it be. When pinched, the bristles are more "fanned out," creating a less-pointed end for your bead. Another tip! If you’re a beginner who just started to get comfortable using brushes, we highly recommend sizes
8 or 10 of our Kolinsky Brush.


Kolinsky Brushes List:
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #8 
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #10
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #12
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #14
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #16
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #18
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #20
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #22

Brush Care: For Pure Kolinsky Brushes, it would be best to clean them with Monomer, such as Liquid Monomer EMA - 32 oz, instead of alcohol or acetone to avoid drying the brushes out. You may pour the monomer into a small dish, then gently dab the brush to remove the acrylic. If you prefer cleaning your brushes immediately after each use, the first step is to use a paper towel or the pressure from your fingernail to push out any particles of acrylic stuck inside of the brush hairs. Then, repeat dipping the Kolinsky Brush in monomer to remove the product and until it’s clear (shows no particles or any debris). Visit Kolinsky Brushes FAQ for more information on how to take care of your Kolinsky Brush.



2. Dual Brushes


For those who want to save a lot of space and avoid the hassle of bringing too many brushes, iGel Beauty offers a variety of premium-quality Dual Brushes that will surely meet your needs! Dual Brushes feature two different brushes on each end to create a dual-purpose brush and allow technique versatility in designing the nails. The functionality of the dual brush may differ depending on the one you choose:
Dual Line Brush 10mm/22mm: For making intricately detailed designs such as letting, swirls, and finishing touches. For practicing marbling designs and DIY press-on nails.
Dual Gel & Pure Kolinsky Brush #2 3D Flower Brush: For thick, even designs such as 3D petals, ribbons, and simply anything 3D. On the other end, the Pure Kolinsky Brush #2 may be used for outlining and creating fine details.
Dual Oval & Ombré Brush: For blending or feathering the fine line between two different colors (gently feather the brush to create an ombré effect), while the Oval Brush has a unique oval base that makes it easier to pick up powders or acrylics.


Dual Brushes List:
Dual Gel & Pure Kolinsky #2 3D Flower Brush
Dual Line Brush 10mm / 22mm
Dual Oval & Ombre Brush

Brush Care: Acetone can be used occasionally, but is not recommended because it can potentially damage your brush's bristles. Alcohol is a better option for cleaning your nail art brushes, especially if you use them for gel applications. For our dual line brushes, strictly use 90% alcohol and not 100%, to avoid dehydrating the brush hairs. If you only have 100% alcohol available, then dilute it to 90% with water. Visit the Dual Brushes FAQ to learn more helpful tips.

3. Ombre Brushes


Who doesn’t love a good ombre? Achieve smooth ombre effects on your nails using our Ombre Brush or Ombre Blending Pen, the perfect tools for your next Ombre nails session. These Ombre Brushes will help you blend colors seamlessly, and can even be used to dust the chrome and glitter of your nails. We have our Ultimate Guide to Ombre Nails to spark your interest in one of the most sought-after nail designs. Whether you’re an Ombre beginner or expert, you can definitely use either of our brushes: 

Ombre Brush - For feathering the subtle transition between two colors

Ombre Blending Pen - Designed like a pen with longer brush hairs that allow you to seamlessly transition between two or more colors



Ombre Brushes List:
Ombre Brush
Ombre Blending Pen

Brush Care: For iGel Beauty Ombre Brushes, we recommend cleaning them with either 90% alcohol or water. For the Ombre Brush, you can use a brush cleaner sponge in between pigments or customers, or wash it with water or mild soap. For the Ombre Blending Pen, you may use 90% alcohol or water as well. Because it is a straight brush, hot water can be used to straighten the bristles that have become frayed due to use or storage.



4. Sculpture Gel Brush


iGel Beauty Sculpture Gel Brush is designed to work with thicker gel products, like our very own Sculpture Gel, for precise and fast application. With this brush, you can create beautiful designs, apply pre-shaped tips, and manage to sculpt and glide the Sculpture Gel easily. Aside from the Sculpture Gel, you can also use the Sculpture Gel Brush with any of our Builder Gel. Manipulating the gel will be so easy and smooth in no time with this tool! To find out more about Sculpture Gel Brush, check out The Ultimate Guide to Sculpture Gel. 



Brush Care: We recommend using 90% alcohol on our Sculpture Gel Brush and fanning it out with your fingernails. Scrap off any remnants of the product against a clean paper towel, then repeat the process until it’s clear. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can use a gel base coat, like iGel Gel Base Coat 0.5 oz, to clean and stiffen the brush back to the desirable shape. Reminder: If a polish or sculpture gel product has cured inside the bristles of the brush, the methods might not be able to clear it out, but you can certainly try!



5. Dust Brushes


Your perfect nail prep companion, the iGel Beauty Dust Brush! Available in 3 colors, these gentle and rounded brushes remove excess dust and debris from the nail surface, and can simply smoothen your nails after dipping or applying glitter. They feature fluffy yet high-quality bristles, with beautiful handles that vary in color: Dust Brush - Rose Gold, Dust Brush - Gold, and Dust Brush - Red



Brush Care: For a quick clean, dust off your brushes in between pigments or customers using a brush cleaner sponge. If you wish to eliminate all debris, wash your Dust Brush's bristles in warm (not hot) soapy water for 15 minutes. Keep in mind that water temperature has a significant impact on the longevity of your Dust Brush. Hot water should not be used since it can cause the bristles to become stiff. Visit our FAQ to check out more tips for cleaning the Dust Brushes.

iGel Beauty is a one-stop shop for every nail care need. Our tools, including these nail brushes, are made from premium quality materials that will surely last you for years with proper care. With all the brushes to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding which of the brushes is the best for you. Don’t worry! Our iGel Beauty Facebook Community is here to help you decide and inspire you to keep your brushes in top condition. Getting ready for your next creative nail art masterpiece? Never brush off your need for quality nail brushes!