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The Ultimate Guide to the French Nail Cutter Tool

Do you want to achieve that chic yet clean smile line for which French nails are known? Creating that beautiful arch shouldn't feel like fighting in the trenches.

With a French Nail Cutter Tool, you can seamlessly paint your nails even if you're in a rush. Here's your how-to guide on using our French nail cutter tool hassle-free!

What is a French Nail Cutter Tool?


Using a French Nail Cutter Tool, you may make a perfect smile line on your nails. You have two options to choose from Oval to a V-shaped nail cutter tool, and you must place it on top of just about any other nail shape you desire to use!

 The French Nail Cutter Tool is one of the iGel Beauty nail hacks you should take advantage of! It should be a part of every nail salon equipment, whether in a mobile or nail salon-based setup.
We have two French Nail Cutter Tools available for you!


1. Oval French Nails Cutter 

You may flaunt your nail curves with this cutting device! This cutter will adorn your nail tips with a stunning, crisp oval-shaped smile line.

2. V French Nails Cutter 

Use this razor-sharp V-shaped cutter for maximum nail art design edginess! The angular silhouette screams I'm the main character. Let your nails shine by using this cutter.


How to use the French Nails Cutter Tool?


Step 1:

Place the medium you want to use near the area you want to cut, or place the smile line for your French nails.

Step 2:

Hold the French Nail Cutter Tool over the nail you want to alter. Use this to figure out how long you want it to be. Tip: If you want a cleaner cut, wait a few seconds until it has a texture between liquid and solid.

Step 3:

Place the French Nails Cutter tool carefully on your nail bed over the medium. Then, use a gliding motion to move it to the edge.

For a more stable and dry cut, you can dust or add in a DP01 Clear for gel or any acrylic powder you prefer on the French Nail Cutter Tool.


Step 4:

Carefully sweep off the extra medium with the rough end of the French Nail Cutter Tool. You could also use a light buffer to take off the rest of the nail's residue delicately.

How to clean the French Nails Cutter Tool?


Step 1:


After swiping the French Nail Cutter tool on the nail, remove any leftover dirt by wiping it clean.


Step 2:

 It's best to sanitize the French Nail Cutter Tool before using it on another client if you plan to use it on multiple customers for top-notch nail salon sanitation.



When you finish designing your French nails, you'll be smiling ear to ear. Our French Nail Cutter Tool makes your nail art designing process seamless and enjoyable!

Join our iGel Beauty Online Community to find numerous French nail art design inspiration and nail product tips and tricks. See you there!