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10 Beginner Tips to Ace Nail Art Designs Photography

Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling on Instagram on Pinterest? Or perhaps constantly checking out our iGel Beauty Facebook community for nail inspirations? The answer would probably be yes, and we're all guilty of doing that since who can resist looking at countless aesthetically pleasing nail art? 

The photos emphasizing the intricate designs of a beautifully crafted nail art look satisfying. Ask your nail tech to do the same if you're a nail lover. Thanks to a couple of aesthetically pleasing photos online, your creative juices will flow like a river. After all, taking good pictures of your nail sets is essential for your online marketing strategies and marketing yourself successfully. 


Here are helpful tips to help you take good photos of your nail art designs:


1. Invest on a good camera or just work with what you have

You can work with any device you have, such as your mobile, but if you want to make your nail art photos look professional, buying one can help your images stand out.

If you don't have a phone with good photo quality, it's time for you to invest in a long-lasting camera that can help you achieve Instagram-worthy nail set photos or videos if you need them for marketing purposes. Here's a guide about editing videos you can check out.


2. Focus your camera lenses

It all boils down to having a great camera angle and making sure your camera lenses are clean and are focused on your nail set. The main attraction should always be the nails, and it should be crisp and clear to see even the little details to make them stand out.


3. Always have good lighting

Lighting can make or break your photos since having bad lighting can dim the sparkle of your nail art designs. So, why don’t you take pictures somewhere bright such as near the windows or outdoors? Good lighting can help make your nails look extremely good.

Your photos will be a testimony to how skilled and talented you are as a nail tech. Think about your clients every time you take a photo of their nails, make their newly designed nails look good!


4. Have a light box

You can invest in a lightbox since it’ll be your mini photoshoot setup for your nails every time you need to take a photo. It will be hassle-free and look professionally done. In the highly social media-saturated world that we live in now, having good pictures and ensuring their quality is vital to attract more nail clients in the future.


5. Use a right light or desk lamp

Ring lights or any light are essential for taking good photos of your nail art designs. Good lighting is vital, and it's nice to have camera accessories that can help you achieve quality in the process.


6. Know the basics of photography

It's good to know about the basics of photography if you're a beginner, or you can go with your guts. You can learn online since there are plenty of resources that you can check; knowing the rule of thirds, achieving the right angle, and more. Can make a difference in your photos and make your nail clients say wow! Here's a guide on photography you can read.


7. Leave it to the professionals

If you're pressed for time and plan to revamp your branding or have a marketing campaign to launch soon, you can hire professional photographers to do your nail art designs' editorial shoots using hand models. You can allow them to do the magic and let your nails take the spotlight with their expertise


8. Get inspiration online

Just make sure that your endless scrolling isn’t just to pass the time. You can make it productive and educational by following your favorite successful celebrity nail techs and seeing what they’re up to; get camera angles and creative inspiration while you’re at it. The online space is a massive opportunity for you to grow and let your creativity out.


9. Seek for constructive criticism

If you have taken photos of your nail sets already, you can ask for feedback from your friends and loved ones to see what they think about them, and you’ll know how you can be improved in the long run. Don’t take criticisms to heart and fuel your self-doubt. Let it motivate you to be better. You can read our blog about defeating self-doubt here.


10. Apply photo editing or graphic design skills

You can always add finishing touches to photo editing or graphic design skills. Again if you're unfamiliar with content creation, you can always learn or seek the help of people who are experts in this field, learn from them or let them take the lead for your nail art designs photos.


The magic doesn't stop the moment you finish your nail art design; it's just the beginning; taking photos of your masterpieces is one of them, Don't be shy in making your nail art creations take center stage, be proud of what you achieved and we'll be here cheering you every step of the way!

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