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8 Best Booking Apps You Can Use As a Nail Tech

Are you tired of no-show nail clients? If you think opening a nail salon is easy since you have all the nail salon equipment and online marketing strategies covered, you're wrong. You will need reliable booking apps to send your nail clients updates on their bookings and manage your schedule.

If you're a beginner nail tech finally taking on clients to jumpstart your nail career, having booking apps will help you stay organized and professional.

Using a booking app to manage your client bookings is a surefire way to deal with stress and paves the way for success as a nail tech. We've curated booking apps and sites you can utilize on your daily hustle as a nail professional so that you don't have to worry anymore!


Here are the top 8 reliable and nail tech-approved booking apps you can use:


1. Square

Square is one of the popular booking app solutions for nail techs and nail salon owners. They use Square to streamline their operations from booking clients, managing staff, organizing payments, and scheduling. 

They've been around since 2009 at the beginning of the rise of ecommerce and developed much more efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced software and digital solutions to cater to business owners and brands alike. The best part about Square is it has three options for its Square appointments service, and you can check out their pricing plans here.


2. Styleseat

Styleseat is an excellent example of beauty and technology coming together to make it a better place. It's not just a booking site but a hub of information for all things beauty, from hair science to nail art designs. Clients can easily find you with your profile listed on their site and book you with their online system. 

Nail techs and other beauty professionals have been using the brand as part of their booking system to streamline the daily operational processes. At the same time, they can connect with old and new clients by using Styleseat.


3. Appointfix

Another reliable booking app you should try is Appointfix. It will help you schedule your appointments, effectively book online, manage your clients, send out reminders to them, give you reports for your business, and more.

It's the tech solution every nail tech should use. It has a free option plan you can take advantage of to see if it's working well with you. You can also opt-in for other pricing plans; check them out here. 


4. Acuity

Here's the scenario, you're fully booked, and it's a good thing! However, it's hard to keep it up if you're running a nail business. Acuity Scheduling is a tech solution that can help you manage bookings and clients in one streamlined solution. It's not just a scheduling platform but a powerhouse tool to send out customized reminders to your clients, offer group classes, and more.


5. Ovatu

Ovatu should be your next go-to booking app since it's one of the most trusted apps for beauty professionals and business owners. The booking application has excellent scheduling management, booking reminders, easy payment processing, and collecting. 

Ovatu founder Dave Hole has always been interested in building tech solutions as a side hobby. He also values work-life balance, which is why the booking app is built to make business owners' lives easier and have more time for fun.


6. Glossgenius

Glossgenius is a tech solution catered for the beauty industry professionals to stand out and market themselves effectively. The brand was voted #1 Salon Software in Beauty Launchpad's Readers Choice Awards, and you can use their 14 days week trial to see what the glowing raves are all about.

Glossgenius allows beauty professionals to have automated scheduling, market their business online, manage clients, secure payments, etc. With Glossgenius working as a nail tech wouldn't be a hassle.


7. Setmore

You don’t have to worry about not successfully booking your clients anytime and anywhere since Setmore helps you automate booking, set appointments, and streamline client management processes. 

You can sign up for their free plan to tinker with the booking site, but if you happen to love its systems and features, they have two more plans which are pro and premium. Business professionals from all industries, from beauty to medical, use this booking app to save time and easily collect payments.


8. Fresha

Fresha is another booking app that every beauty professional can take advantage of. It specifically caters to the beauty and wellness industry; clients can find the best salons and spas near them. At the same time, you can also use Fresha to book their appointments with you.

Booking apps and other software have become lifesavers for busy nail techs like you. Yes, it can take a while to find a suitable booking app that can take your business to the next level.

With our recommendations, you don't have to be confused about it anymore. You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to see what iGel Beauties are up to and get to know our latest product launches.