What's your warranty policy?

Hey Beauties! Below is a record of our warranty policies.

2in1 Lamp -

The warranty of this lamp is valid for 30 days after the purchase date.



LED Lamp, UV/LED Hybrid Lamp, XS e-File - 

iGel Beauty LLC offers a limited one year manufacturing warranty from purchase date.


This warranty covers all manufacturing defects only.


The warranty will NOT cover:

Physical Cosmetic Damages or Mishandling

Adapter or Cord Damage/Replacement

Water/Acetone Damage


Please note: The warranty will be voided if the item is disassembled for any reason.No exceptions.


How much does a repair service cost?



Hand-piece Adjustments - $35


Any other repair services are subject to additional costs

Do you have any video's where I can learn more about e-Files, Lamps, and Airbrushes?

How do I initiate a repair? What is your repair process?

Hi Beauty,


We totally understand how upsetting it is that your product is not working as intended.  We are constantly updating our FAQ and troubleshooting guide below so that the hassle of sending in your product may be prevented.  However, if you still cannot resolve your concern and would like to initiate a repair, please contact us at cs@igelbeauty.com with the below information:


1. Order #

2. Name of Product

3. What issue is occurring with your product?

4. Have you gone through the FAQ & Troubleshooting guide? Any comments are appreciated.

5. Include a video of your attempts to use the product safely


Once your response is received, a representative will reach out to you about your repair process and send you a Repair Authorization Form with return instructions.


FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide

Can't find your issue below? Contact us at cs@igelbeauty.com to initiate a repair.

My drill keeps adjusting its speed - Is this normal?

This is completely normal! When your e-File is in use, the drill has a natural torque adjustment when pressure is applied to maintain RPM's.  The revving up and down is the torque adjusting to the speed which happens when you apply pressure from the drill bit to the nail/surface.

My handle is getting so hot!

It's completely normal to get hot after a few minutes of use as there is a working motor that spins inside, however it should not get too hot to use.

If you feel that the drill is producing too much heat for you to be able to use it, fortunately your product is covered by a manufacturing warranty! 


Please follow the instructions in the FAQ above and initiate a repair.

My Drill Bits keep moving around

If your drill bits area moving around, your handpiece is not fully locked in place.


There are 3 area's which need to be tightened.  Please make sure you are twisting the components correctly to lock in the drill bit - you should not be turning the entire drill.

When turning the handpiece to lock in or to take out the drill bit, you will need to twist it until it "clicks" as this is the drill bit locking mechanism.


Make sure to match up the lock arrow securely before turning on the drill.

The battery isn't charged yet, can I use the e-File while it's charging?

Yes! It can be used both off (wirelessly) and on the power cord

How do you take out the dummy drill bit?

Twist the middle of the handpiece left where the arrow meets the unlock symbol. This action will remove the secure lock on the drill bit and allow the bit to slide out of the shaft easily.

What speed should I use my e-File in?

The speed varies due to engagement with natural nails directly on the nail bed or filling down an acrylic. 


While the eFile is aimed towards professional use, it can be used by all skill levels. 


We recommend a lower setting for natural nails and working your way up based on what your purpose is and what drill bit you are using.

What size drill bit can I use?

3/32 is the standard sizing that we are compatible with, but it’ll fit most others as well!

The e-File is still not spinning even though it's powered on

Be sure to show the efile is in either Forward or Reverse. If you are in the neutral setting it will not spin.

How do I re-insert the drill bit and lock it in?

1. Make sure the efile is switched off and does not currently have a drill bit locked in. 


2. Add the drill bit to the top of the handpiece, leaving a small amount of room between the bottom of the bit and the barrel so that it does not rub against the efile when powered on. 


3. Twist the center of the handpiece towards the right where the lock should meet the arrow; however, listen for a “double click.” This shows it is securely locked and will prevent the drill bit from sliding in and out with a slight pull or on it’s own.

My drill bit won't lock into place.  The middle of the handpiece keeps spinning and doesn't stop or lock.

The metal BB balls that control the locking mechanism of the drill have become dislodged. This needs to be returned to us to be adjusted.


Please contact us to start your repair process.

I dropped my e-File and now the drill bit is stuck inside. How can I remove this?

1. Ensure the efile is powered off. 

2. Remove the tip of the handpiece to loosen the confinement of the efile. 

3. Unlock the handpiece, but do not dismantle it. This should allow the drill bit to be released. 


If it does not, please initiate a repair and prepare the efile to be returned and adjusted. Physical damage may have caused a piece of the handpiece to be bent. It is recommended to have a qualified technician restore this to manufactured settings.

My drill bit won't lock into place.  It slides in and out even when I twist it to lock and clear a click.

You may have only heard one clicking sound, you can twist it slightly further towards the right to listen for the double click. This will allow the efile to secure the drill bit into place.

Why isn't the lamp curing my gel polish?

There are several different reasons why your gel may not be curing properly.


1. Cure times may need to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the coats applied, and the lamp wattage.


2.  The lamp bulbs may be running low - they are required to be replaced after a certain amount of hours.


3. Be sure to check your mode. 


The lamp has two modes: 

1. Builder Gel or Low Heat Mode

2. High Power Normal Gel Curing.



Click on the mode, and then the timer of your choice to begin.

My gel polish is peeling! My lamp is defective!

There are many reasons why your gel polish may be peeling; however if you are curing long enough with fresh bulbs then the cause may not necessarily be the lamp.


It is most commonly occurring with prep and finish:


1.  Cuticle may not be pushed back fully and correctly.  The layers of cuticle skin that can get left on the nail plate are highly water absorbent - this means any bits of cuticle left underneath the polish will take on water and expand, causing the polish to lift or peel.

2. You are not filing the free edge. Oils can accumulate on the free edge of the nail, so the edges need to be filed and cleaned before you begin your gel manicure.

3. Coats are being applied too thickly.  This applies to base coat and top coat, as well as the colour.  When you cure gel polish, only the very top layer absorbs all the light.  This means that if the coat is too thich, the underneath layers will remain soft which will result in peeling.  

How do I clean my lamp?

The lamp can be wiped down with alcohol to keep it sanitary in between uses.


The lamp shells itself are acetone resistant; however, cleaning with acetone will wear away from the coloring of the shell and is not recommended.

My lamp isn't charging anymore!

For all lamps we recommend charging it for the 3-4 hours as recommended to obtain a full charge. After 3-4 hours please take it off the charger to preserve the integrity of the battery. We do not recommend overnight charging. When the Lamp is plugged in and charging, the lights will blink. When it's fully charged, it won't blink and will still show the solid line across.


If it is a manufacturer defect - we will replace the Lamp for you as long as it falls within our warranty terms. If it does not fall within the warranty we are more than happy to offer you a new battery.


 Warranty Policy:


Why is my lamp beeping?

The lamp has a timer according to the 30s 60s and 90s modes. It beeps when the lamp turns on and the timer starts and again when it stops.



Why does this happen?  Because typically, the lamp is facing the customer during use.  This way, the technician can note the lamp has finished curing.


My cord isn't working - may I purchase a new one?

Of course! We are more than happy to offer you a new cord. Please contact us at CS@iGelBeauty.com and indicate which cord you would like to purchase.


What is the tray used for? How do I remove it?

The tray is used for easy use for gel curing on your feet (pedicures!)


You can remove the tray but simply pulling it out and sliding it back in.


Note: some versions do not have a removable tray.


Can we purchase an extra tray?

We will have this available soon! In the meantime you may reach out to us at cs@igelbeauty.com if you would like to purchase one.


Lamp trays 

Lamp Batteries 

Acrylic Stands (for Model XS)

How do I use my Airbrush?

1. Fasten the handpiece onto the air compressor.


2. Fill the cup halfway with 100% Pure Acetone.


3. Add in about 3-4 drops of iGel Beauty Gel or Lacquer Polish of your choice.


4. Mix the solution thoroughly with a gel brush or a soft bristle paint brush.


5. Test spray a small area. Adjust the screw on the tail of the handpiece left to loosen the airway and allow the liquid solution to spray through the nozzle as needed. Pressing the trigger down to release air, and pull back gently to release the pigment.


6. Spray from left to right in layers until your desired look is achieve.

How do I clean my airbrush?

Make sure to clean your airbrush system with acetone after each use. 


1. Refill the cup with acetone.


2. Use a soft gel brush to wipe away any remnants of color from the sides.


3. Continuously spray until empty. Repeat until the cup and the liquid is completely clear and clean.


4. Wipe the airbrush handpiece cup down with a lint-free towel or alcohol swab.


5. Remove the two front metal caps and also wipe down gently.


6. Gently wipe the needle and be careful not to bend it.


7. Recap and replace all pieces promptly when completed

Airbrush Mini: I think my top is missing? What happened?

This is because you received the new and improved version of our Airbrush mini.  The older, outdated versions came with a cap however it was an unnecessary hassle.

What's the difference between the Airbrush Mini & Max?

The iGel Airbrush Mini has a smaller compressor in contrast to the larger-looking one the iGel Airbrush Max has. The mini is less bulky for travel, but bulkier when in-use. This is perfect for users who like to use a thicker handle or have a heavier grip.


The iGel Airbrush Max is a little bulkier to carry around when you travel, but it's much lighter and more 'pen-like' when in-use. It also has a pen-holder! This is often the aesthetic, more professional-looking choice manicurists go for. Due to its size, it also will create a stronger pressure and has a longer lasting battery.


Both tools work equally as amazing to create the fastest and easiest Ombré effect, and the aesthetics are mainly due to preference.

How does the Airbrush work?

The Airbrush Mini and Max are both a single-action airbrush gun.


When the trigger is pressed, the air powered by the compressor will automatically come out of the gun. The tail piece of the handpiece will be the main compartment to control the flow of the air, maximizing and minimizing the airway. The front of the airbrush is made up of three components: a rubber ring and two metal components to protect the needle.

My Airbrush is clogged!

Clogs are the most common factor for why an airbrush may not be working properly.



The ratios are extremely important to keep in mind because the airway is very thin.



When do they occur? Clogs occur when adding polish into the cup before the acetone. The polish dries too quickly, or from not cleaning thoroughly and immediately after each use.



How do you fix a clog? You can unclog the machine in two ways:



1. Fill the cup with acetone. Cover the nozzle in the front where the air compressor and liquid would spray out of. This action should cause the liquid inside the cup to bubble and force the air back into the gun. This will remove the clog, however, you will need to pour out liquid inside the cup to ensure that any dried paint from previous use will be removed. Add acetone to the cup and spray out until clear.



2. You can remove both pieces of the gun in the front of the airbrush handpiece. Wipe down these pieces after each use to avoid paint build up. Light tread and wipe around the needle as well. You want to be sure to clean it, but not to bend the tip of the needle. Also remove only the cover piece of the airbrush gun. You can pull back the needle and let go to slowly inch out any jammed paint from the front nozzle. Repeat until all the dried or excess paint is removed. Add acetone to the cup and spray out until clear.

My colors are coming out blotchy or spotted!

When using an Airbrush, the color itself will not spray until the trigger is pulled back with a gentle force. The amount you pull back determines the amount of color that will be released. It is recommended to start by slowly pulling back the trigger and spraying lightly as you learn the process of airbrushing; however, the optimal results will be at a medium-high pressure on the trigger.


For best results with use, we recommend using layers in the motion of left to right.


If the color is coming out blotchy and in large chunks - You are too close to the surface or you are pressing on the trigger too hard.


If the color is coming out spotted - You are not using enough pressure, or the air compressor is experiencing a leak. Adjust the tail piece and use a medium-high pressure on trigger.


The ration of the acetone to gel polish does absolutely depend on the thickness of the gel polish droplets.

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