Nail Art Accessories for Your Back to School Outfits

Are you looking for back-to-school outfit ideas to match your nail art accessories? As a nail tech student, embracing beauty and fashion is normal! Don't worry; We're here to help you slay the nail and fashion game! This roundup will inspire and excite you to go to nail school with these back-to-school fashion staples by pairing them with nail art accessories!


1. Holographic Jacket

Doesn't this blue jacket remind you of our Chrome Powder Pen- Holographic Chrome in Blue or our ? Its kaleidoscope effect makes it easy to see why it's statement-worthy and a must-have for back-to-school outfits! 

Our  Chrome Powder Pens will make your nails stand out with its luminous finish. You can start the back-to-school season with a vibrant start by wearing a holographic jacket to unleash your creativity as a nail tech student. Just like this holographic jacket, you can easily make any outfit look amazing;  you can make any nail art look special by topping off our Chrome Powder Pen.


2. White Sneakers


White sneakers have always been a lifesaver for students; they are easy to wear and versatile. You can pair them with our The One Portable & Wireless E-file in white! If you're a nail tech student, you can go anywhere with it since it's compact and portable, just like how you would wear white sneakers! Not to mention, E-files or nail drill have always been a nail tech staple. It's classic nail art accessories!


3. Red Cardigan

Since the fall season is rushing in, wearing a red cardigan looks lovely with your back-to-school outfits. A red cardigan is more than just comfortable to wear whenever you're in a rush as a student or run out of back-to-school outfit ideas! You can never go wrong wearing a red cardigan to make you look put together! You can pair your red cardigan with our Dust Brush in red! You can always rely on our Dust Brushes to make your nail art accessories ooze style! 


4. Black Pants


Black pants should be a part of your back-to-school outfit ideas; not only are they trendy due to the rise of Y2K fashion, but black pants are easy to pair with any color or fashion style. You can match the black pants with our Line Art Gel - 02 Black on Black; it has a solid dark finish, making your line art nail designs look flawless and clean-looking. We also have our Line Art Gel Kit or Painting Gels to help you out!


5. Black floral dress/ floral dresses

Wearing a black floral dress to school is officially a part of the cute back-to-school outfit club! Not only is it easy to wear, but it also looks stunning! Yes, being a nail tech student means you'll be constantly with your Nail Training Hand or working on gorgeous-looking DIY press-on nails, but it doesn't hurt to wear a dress that will bring out your feminine side! You can pair your back-to-school outfit with our floral Nail Transfer Foils for your nails! We suggest our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat to seal the deal!


6. Knee-length skirts

A knee-length skirt sounds perfect for your back-to-school outfit ideas! Wearing a teal-colored skirt to school will make you look polished and stylish! Our LED Pro Lamp in teal also has the same vibe! Its sleek design and high-quality curing will make you the nail artist you want to be! We also have an LED Pro Lamp in Rose Gold, perfect for those who want to wear something elegant yet bold to wear for school!


7. V-neck polo shirt

French style has always involved a fresh, crisp, white V-neck polo shirt, similar to our V French Nails Cutter. If you want an effortless and clean look for your back-to-school outfits, pair them with Très chic French nails to finish your look! For nail tech students who are also nail artists, wearing a white shirt or polo shows that you're here to slay, not play! You can also use our Oval French Nail Cutter tool!

8. Feathery miniskirts

Bring out the glam factor for your back-to-school outfit by wearing a feathery mini-skirt! You can pair your fluffy bottoms with our Ombre Blending Pen since its sparkly pen-like design makes it the perfect school nail art accessory! Our Ombre Blending Pen's best feature is its longer brush hairs, making it easier for beginners or pros to do ombre nails! We also have other nail art brushes to complete your nail collection!

Nail art accessories are addictive, and it’s easy to complement them for any back-to-school outfit! If you’re on the hunt for more nail art accessories,  join our iGel Beauty community!