Neutral Nail Ideas: Sofia Richie’s Style-Inspired Nail Colors

Are you one of the people currently obsessed with Sofia Richie's wedding? Dubbed the royal wedding of America, now Mrs. Sofia Richie Grainge has taken the internet world by storm with her lavish yet dreamy South of France wedding last April.

It was the talk of the town for being star-studded and aesthetically pleasing. If you've been stalking her Instagram account, taking inspiration from her tres chic style, then you would not be disappointed!

Sofia Richie Grainge is a massive fan of neutral nail colors and gel nails, so if you're looking for neutral nail colors inspired by Sofia Richie Grainge's Style, we got you covered! Here's our roundup of neutral nail colors by iGel Beauty you should add to your cart ASAP!

1. Sofia Richie’s White Wedding Gown

This dreamy all-white lace-filled Chanel halter wedding dress will make you swoon; it's modern yet elegant and will instantly make you want to wear the milky white nail colors of DD011 Seashell or DD001 Baby Powder.

If her timeless bridal wear inspires you! You can opt in by wearing the gorgeous DD001 Baby Powder by iGel Beauty since it has a bridal vibe and a bright white shade that matches any white wedding gown. Anytime you want to wear neutral-colored nail polish colors, the foolproof color you can always run to is white for any season!


iGel Beauty Nail Colors:



2. Black and Gray Plaid Shirt Dress

If you're sticking to the basics of neutral nails, gray is a perfect dark nail color you should consider, especially for winter wear like Sofia Richie is wearing! If you want to skip the simple gel nails route, you can wear a plaid design-inspired nail art that will add an oomph factor! 

Our DD076 Cityscape is perfect for cooler months with its tone if you want to match your nails to the winter season. Another recommendation is the DD018 Fluffy Bunny since it's one of the popular colors among iGel Beauties for its medium gray tones. This all-time fave won't be dull with plaid designs or neutral nails with darker shades!

iGel Beauty Nail Colors: 


3. Light Green Striped Blazer and Matching Pants 

Sofia Richie's Style is making a case for the classic striped design, but we can't help but notice the pretty shade of light green! It's another neutral nail idea you should take advantage of if you want your nails to have an organic spring nails vibe making it your next nail color inspiration! Our DD127 Rain Drop and DD123 Clarity will complement the light green color  with their refreshingly gorgeous shades and blue and green undertones!

iGel Beauty Nail Colors: 


4. Off the Shoulder Beige Dress

One of the neutral nail colors often overlooked is cream or beige! It's time to give some love to this underrated yet dreamy hue through your next nail art! Beige may be our middle name since our 𝐃𝐢𝐩 & 𝐃𝐚𝐩 𝐃𝐮𝐨𝐬 (𝐃𝐃𝟐𝟒𝟖-𝐃𝐃𝟑𝟏𝟗) line has plenty of neutral nail colors you can choose from!
Our DD253 Demure has a peach undertone, but if you want a more beige-y yet nude-like shade, you can use DD280 Secret Crush. If you want to recreate the brown neutral nails Sofia is wearing to match her outfit, you can use DD299 Certainty!

iGel Beauty Nail Colors: 

5. Lavender blazer and matching pants

The femininity of the light lavender shade will make you feel like you're in a lavender haze. Our DD181 Lovely Lavender has a soft pastel purple shade and white accents that are perfect for any neutral nails. It oozes sophistication, similar to what Sofia Richie Grainge wore.

iGel Beauty Nail Colors: 



6. Light Blue Sheer Halter Neck Dress


The lightness of this shade of blue is enough to make you convert to neutral nails in no time! You'll love our DD195 Capri color's ethereal quality with its blue and gray undertones, a perfect fit for neutral nail colors. Sophia Richie Grainge managed to show chic elegance through her style, and you can replicate this chicness to your nails from our Dip and Dap Duo line!

iGel Beauty Nail Colors:


7. Pink Top and Black Abstract Vest Combo

Are you tired of the Barbiecore trend? Or maybe neutral nail colors are now your thing? Who can ever resist the shade of pink, whether it's hot pink nails or pink with champagne undertones? 

You'll surely get drunk with the beauty of this shade of pink from our Dip & Dap Duos line! Another shade of pink you might consider is our DD026 Shy Pink for neutral nails. Sofia did an excellent job pairing her pinkish style with a black abstract vest and black nails; pink and black always complement each other!

iGel Beauty Nail Colors:


8. Classy Nude Brown Fringe Dress

Nude brown shades are here to stay; whether you're a big fan of cottagecore aesthetics or love earthy tones for your nails, Sofia Richie Grainge's neutral color branding will make you obsessed with the warmness of this color.

Our  B04 Tanning Plz Don't Fade from our iGel Match line is the perfect shade to wear neutral nails seamlessly! Another option that we have with the same shade are our DD250 Sandstone and DD178 Satin Ribbon from our Dip and Dap Duo line.

iGel Beauty Nail Colors:


 9. Light Pastel Yellow Structured Blazer

The color pastel yellow will never make your nails look mellow; if you want to have neutral nails that have a spark of color or personality, you can use our iGel Match- 082 Park Avenue from our iGel Match line or DD109 Buttercups from our Dip and Dap Duo line. Sofia Richie may be the queen of neutral colors, but she inserts a pop of color occasionally through her clothes or nails. 

iGel Beauty Nail Colors:

10. Black Tube Top and Matching Pants


An all-black outfit is a classic; Sofia Richie Grainge showed how attractive yet versatile this color can be; if you're looking for neutral nail ideas, get inspiration from Sofia's outfit here. Our iGel Match- 002 Jet Black will give you the same mysterious vibe as this nail color. 

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