10 Stunning Purple Nail Art Ideas to Bring Out Your A-game

What’s not to love about wearing coffin purple acrylic nails or black and purple nails? The rich hue of purple exudes power, nobility, magic, and devotion. This beautiful shade will also help you stay creative and destress after a long day at the nail salon or being mobile. Here’s our roundup of purple nail ideas to inspire you!

1. Classic purple acrylic nails

As the adage goes, less is more, and if you want to highlight the gorgeous purple color on your nails, you can opt-in for the timeless purple acrylic nails. You can wear this nail art anytime, anywhere, and it naturally shines on its own! You can easily do this nail art, whether acrylic or dip powder, depending on your preference! iGel Beauty, @purpliciousdipz designed this nail art design!


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2. Floral dark purple nails

This dark purple nail set is poetic and looks like it came out of a fairytale book, deep in the dark forest where there are many florals, starry skies that shimmers, and a castle with lots of gems. The purple shades look royally stunning! iGel Beauty, @wenailz designed this nail art!


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3. Shimmery floral purple nail art

Want to spice things up when it comes to your dark purple nails? Why don’t you add some shimmer and purple flowers into the mix? You can be as creative as you want with this nail art, and there’s no stopping you! iGel Beauty, David David designed this nail set!


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4. Ultra shimmer and high gloss dark purple nails


Are you ready to make your nails party-ready? No matter what the occasion is, whether it's a busy day at work, Bridgerton-inspired by Kate Sharma's outfits in the show, or just a one fine day, you can never go wrong with this nail set! These shimmery and glossy nails with a couple of nail art gems look elegant and versatile to wear anytime and anywhere! iGel Beauty, Essence Johnson designed this nail art!

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5.  Ombre pink and purple nails


Another purple nail idea you shouldn’t miss out on! Purple and pink shades together in one nail set? Yes, please! To make it even extra, add a shade of light blue to have a mix and match vibe. The tricolor ombre nail design is also beautiful with all of the pop of colors. Whenever you feel down or have self-doubt, this nail art design will lift your spirits! iGel Beauty, Kalisa King, designed this nail set.


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6. Indigo-like purple nails

If you're a fan of TikTok, you know the sound "you're gorgeous, you're literally gorgeous!" This nail set hands down looks lovely for weddings, formal get-togethers or any special occasions. It has an elegant yet classy vibe for purple nails. The shade is exciting and not just full-on purple but a mix of blues like indigo or purple. iGel Beauty, Sierra Williams designed this nail art!


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LINE ART GEL KIT -Playful Purple

7. Purple and silver nails glam

Another festive-like purple nail idea to take inspiration from! This nail art design perfectly suits any special occasion or time you feel like doing something different. Purple and silver nails are a surefire way to ignite your nail game! iGel Beauty, Randi DaPonte designed this nail art.


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8. Fierce purple acrylic nails

Want your nails to look mysteriously fierce yet elegant? This nail set can take your nail game up to a notch! These acrylic purple nails set the tone on who means business. iGel Beauty, Ariel Ann Underwood designed this nail art!


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 9. Almond- shaped pink and purple nail designs

This pink and purple nail design looks really pretty, like it can be a part of the Folklore nail art designs! The nail set's minimalism and beauty are not overpowering but something you can wear to add an elegant flare to your style! iGel Beauty, @nailsby_gwennie designed this nail set!


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10. Aurora-Borealis-inspired purple and silver nails


These gorgeous purple and silver nails are not ordinary since it has a holographic chrome effect! If you're a big fan of this effect, you can read our blog about Chrome powder pens here! This nail set is stunning, and the two colors blend seamlessly like an Aurora Borealis! iGel Beauty, @nailzbyaaron designed this nail art!


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