Taylor Swift Folklore Songs As Nail Art Designs

August slipped away into a moment in time, don't you think? You'll be saying goodbye to your beloved summer yellow nail art designs and welcome the fall season full of hope and renewed creativity. 

If you're looking for nail art ideas, Taylor Swift's Folklore album songs are filled to the brim for inspiration. If you loved our Taylor Swift Red Album-Inspired Nails, then you'll love our take on her folklore album songs. Here are the Taylor Swift Folklore songs as nail art designs!

 the 1 


These blue and violet nails exude roaring 20s, tossing pennies in the pool vibe, which makes the party's life. It's a fun nail set since it has shimmer and ombre details that are eye-catching and glamorous for any soiree or party!

 The blue and violet shades glow in the dark, which also has a retrospective and The Great Gatsby vibe similar to the song. iGel Beauty, Tammy Lynn Howell designed this nail art.


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Cottagecore aesthetic lovers unite! This gorgeous nail art is whimsical, cozy, and looks straight out of a fairytale book. Cardigan is a magical song that will bring back nostalgia and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of you. 

This nail set has every detail of the Cardigan music video, such as the golden shimmers and lush, secluded forest. iGel Beauty, Ashley McAleer designed this nail art.


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 the last great American dynasty


This song retells Rebekah Harkness's life as an American socialite, artist, and founder of the Harkness Ballet. She was the muse of Taylor's third track since she brought her home, which inspired her to write Rebekah's story. The pink shade is an ode to Rebekah's love for ballet, while the beautiful gems signify her legacy and larger-than-life origin story. iGel Beauty, Zury Ramirez designed this nail art!





Exile is a beautiful yet devastating song about a relationship that failed. This nail set that sits between a French nail and an ombre sets the mood in the darkest time, and the memories are the gold gems that will always be treasured. The nude shade can symbolize the love shared, but it got cut off by the tragedy. iGel Beauty, @nailsby_gwennie designed this nail art!

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my tears ricochet

The song my tears ricochet is all about betrayal, symbolic death, and grief; express your emotions with a glam all-black nail. The sparkly nail gems are an ode to the lyrics,” You wear the same jewels that I gave you as you bury me.” iGel Beauty, @fragaliciousnailsbyjess designed this nail art!


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This holographic ombre nail art is a stunner! It embodies the mirrorball lyrics. "I'm a mirrorball. I'll show you every version of yourself." If you love something minimalistic yet there's an oomph factor, let this nail set inspire you! iGel Beauty, Keianna Springer designed this nail art!


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This classic yet minimalistic French nail suits seven as a song since it paints the picture of old times, nostalgia, and childhood. The butterflies symbolize metamorphosis, and it's a nice touch to the song. iGel Beauty, @nailsby_gwennie designed this nail art!


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Salt air and the beauty of this nail art as you take inspiration from the main character of the month. August is a song that reminisces and longs for more. Despite the hot summer girl season this month, it's also about welcoming the fall season ahead. This nail art has the color palette of the folklore Taylor Swift photoshoot! iGel Beauty, @wenailz designed this nail art!


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 this is me trying


Are you having a hard time adjusting? Used to have the shiniest wheels, now they’re rusting? Whether you’re battling with stress or self-doubt. It would be best if you weren’t hard on yourself, especially as a beginner nail tech

This nail set shows that you put in the effort and shows the emotions behind the song. This is me trying, constantly showing up, and putting in the work despite the gloominess. If you ever need a pick-me-up, you can join our online community to help you when you’re struggling! iGel Beauty @nailsbythai designed this nail art.

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illicit affairs

Sometimes your love for all things nails can feel like an illicit affair. You have to hide the numerous nail mails you ordered and not get scolded by them. We understand! 

Your love for nails shouldn't be hidden, but Taylor Swift's Folklore album songs express your emotions and tell your story. The nude shade of this nail set shows the song is about staying low yet poignant, with the designer flakes portraying the forbidden love in the song.


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invisible strings 

This sweet love song deserves a classic French nail with ombre details too that has a sheer finish and drips in lovely shades of pink along with pretty flowers. A talented iGel Beauty designed this nail art!


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mad woman


This nail set looks drop-dead gorgeous; it's something you can wear for halloween. It embodies the lyrics in Mad woman, "You made her like that, And you'll poke that bear 'til her claws come out." 

If you want to make a statement, then here's your chance to do so. If you're going for an edgy yet grunge style, wearing these blood-like nails can bring your style to life! This nail set screams mad woman, and you're a scorpion ready to strike for the kill, especially in slaying the nail game. iGel Beauty, @nailsbystephie designed this nail art.

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This nail set is like dreamscapes on the wall. It has a heavenly vibe that oozes with peaceful bliss. The devil is in the details with these stunning purple nails since it relates to the song, which exudes magic, devotion, and peace. It has the right amount of shimmer and color that doesn’t overpower! You can wear this nail art design anytime and anywhere. iGel Beauty @nailsbyhami designed this nail art!

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Having a creative block, But you dream of some epiphany? The rich and beautiful hues of brown and lilac will make you forget the war you’ve been through to pursue your dreams of becoming a mobile nail tech or opening your nail salonThis nail art has a sense of calmness and assurance that you can continue despite the struggles. Don’t you think this nail set gives you a sigh of relief? iGel Beauty, @madebymc designed this nail art.


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Taylor Swift's folklore album magically weaves storytelling and songs together. An emerald green nail set best portrays the song Betty since it's all about expressing your love for a person, growth, and newfound chances. This emerald shade is lush and vibrant similar to the song that tells a deeper story. iGel Beauty @nailsbyhami designed this nail art!


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Hoax is about being broken, dealing with all the chaos from the twisted knife to faithless love. With this nail set, the song shows lyrics, "Don't want no other shade of blue but you, no other sadness in the world would do. The song shows a lot of imagery and a soothing yet melancholy vibe. 

This nail set is a gorgeous take on the song with its contrasting nail designs and unique shade of blue. It's an icebreaker drawing anyone who wants to start a conversation about the story behind your nail art design. iGel Beauty, @wenailz  designed this nail art!

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the lakes

Isn't it romantic how these nails bloom on their own? Doesn't it look poetic? This nail set may not be auroras and sad prose, but it has captured the chaos, longing, adventures, and romance in the song The Lakes. It just has the right amount of pink shade to symbolize romanticism. iGel Beauty, @nailsby_gwennie designed this nail art!


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