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The Ultimate Guide to Odor Eliminator


Acrylic nail lovers know the struggle of using a Monomer to achieve the perfect bead. Monomers have a reputation for having a strong scent, and they can spread around the house or nail salon that most family members or nail clients don't like. They say no pain, no gain, but we say not anymore!

You can add our newest
Odor Eliminator to your nail tech essentials or nail sanitation checklist! Say goodbye to enduring the strong scent of Monomer and say hello to a fruity, peachy scent!

What are the ingredients of Odor Eliminator? 

Our Odor Eliminator contains Fragrance/Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, d-limonene, and Geraniol. It comes with a fruity peach scent in a 14 ml bottle. Don't forget to check if you have any nail allergies to these ingredients!

Please be informed that the Odor Eliminators are filled at the same level as the top of the label to avoid leaking. It's best to keep your nail desk organized to avoid your Odor Eliminator leaking or ingested by toddlers or pets around the nail office.

Does Odor Eliminator guarantee an odorless acrylic nail application?

Our Monomer has received raving reviews about being high quality and odorless, and we strive to create consistent and top-tier nail products in the market. However, Monomers are distinct in quality; other Monomers in the market may be odorless. 

Still, the quality is not good, while others have strong scents but work really well for setting your acrylic bead at your own pace. Our Odor Eliminator is an excellent add-on to your nail art kits and professional collections since it can help reduce any odor in Monomer or add a fruity scent that will make the whole nail art session peachy easy!

How to use Odor Eliminator?

Step 1: 

Proceed with your nail prep then you can add your nail tips to ensure your nails have length and your desired nail shape! You can read our nail prep starter guide if you need a refresher!


Step 2:

Before mixing your Monomer and chosen
dip powder, add three drops of Odor Eliminator to the Monomer to reduce the smell. You can add the Odor Eliminator drops before or after mixing the dip powder and Monomer together.

If you want to master acrylic nails by avoiding the common mishaps or marbling, You can join our online community to learn best practices from our live demos or helpful community. See you there!