10 Real Life Scenarios in Bridgerton Every Nail Techs Can Relate To

Dearest gentle reader, if you're a fan of the series Bridgerton and all things nail art, then you're up for a treat. Don't be afraid to get inspiration everywhere, even from music or movies, and Bridgerton season 2 is back to inspire you with Victorian, and modern beauty and fashion trends. Say hello to the trending Bridgerton nails!

If you're addicted to this popular historical show, you don't have to go back to the 1800s to relate to it. Read at your own risk if you've not yet finished binge-watching this show. Here are ten real-life scenarios in Bridgerton that nail techs can relate to.


1. Honing your skills

Lady Whistledown is one of the show's stars; the gossip writer continuously keeps her readers wanting for more with her writing and researching skills. She has taken a long break from writing scandals for the ton, then coming back again with bigger and better gossip in store.

Her readers have become a loyal fanbase including the Queen stays up to date with her latest writings. As a nail tech, you have to hone your nail art skills, from ombre nails to building an apex; your nail clients will soon fall head over heels for you once they see you're showing your talent and skills. You can also use your binge-watching spree to good use by creating a Bridgerton nails inspired set for your clients!


2. Deciding to leave your comfort zone

When Viscount Anthony Bridgerton decided to enter the marriage market and seek a potential wife that could be his partner and can help him run the Bridgerton household, it was purely out of duty. He wanted to pursue the perfect partner and not have any emotional attachment. For Anthony, it was not easy to find the perfect match since he has high expectations and is out of his comfort zone.


3. Choose to be financially free or empowered

When the Featherington family faced financial instability with the death of their patriarch, the new Lord Featherington, which is a distant cousin, will inherit the estate and the future of the all-female Featherington household fate lies on the mysterious man. Fortunately for them, Lady Featherington, the matriarch, still manages to get them by being wise and strategic about businesses and money. 

As a nail tech, especially those who are mobile. They tend to enjoy freedom with their time and the places their nail services can go. Being financially empowered can help you defeat self-doubt and help you be wise enough in all aspects, from marketing yourself traditionally to trying out new online marketing strategies. When running a nail salon or a business, money is always a factor one should consider.


4. Traumatized by one's past

Anthony has been traumatized by bees since his father died due to a sting. Since then, the Bridgerton family's lives have forever changed. As a nail tech, you will experience many things at work, from rude customers to dealing with nail mishaps during a service. You can't let your past dictate your future; you can't let fear control you and limit you. 

Anthony became traumatized from losing a loved one, limiting him to love wholeheartedly until Kate entered the picture. If you love doing nails, making your clients happy by providing nail care, and seeing nail mail filled with e-files, dip and dap powders, and gel, you should move forward regardless of your past.


5. Being competitive

Kate and Anthony are competitive people, and they treat the matchmaking scheme as a game, as a nail tech; indeed, you're still running a nail business, and there's competition in the nail industry. It's okay to keep tabs on your competitors, but focus on your business growth and improving your skills as a nail professional. 

You can take inspiration from celebrity nail techs who have already made a name for themselves and get an idea of how to start your nail career. You should take the challenge to be better as an entrepreneur and an artist no matter how hard it is; for Kate and Anthony, their love-hate relationship has blossomed into something more. It became a space for pushing each other to be better.


6.  Be honest with yourself

Are you being honest with yourself? Because for Kate and Anthony, they weren't honest with themselves about their feelings for each other since they always put their families first before their needs. You have to be honest with yourself as a nail professional.

If you're juggling your nail career and motherhood, are you still taking care of yourself? Can you keep up with the demands of the two jobs? If you're a beginner at nails, do you think you need to upskill? By getting a license on enrolling in an online nail tech course to serve as additional learnings. Know your priorities and what is best for you as a professional and an individual.


7. Work with integrity

Running your nail business honestly and with integrity is crucial. Penelope is secretly working as Lady Whistledown, and she is working with the famous dressmaker Madame Delacroix to print her gossip for a publisher privately. Then, in the end, Eloise, Penelope's best friend, discovers her secret identity, jeopardizing their friendship and her character as a person.

 As a nail tech, the last thing you want to happen is to lose your credibility with your clients. You want your clients to trust you in taking care of their nails and other beauty needs, and you want them to get to know you as well in the process. 


8. Being open to new ideas

Eloise is well known as someone who doesn't want to conform to societal standards, and she is keen on learning about the world, achieving new heights, and celebrating female empowerment since the 18th century wasn't kind to women.

She is open to learning more and discussing modern ideas, especially when she meets her friend Theo; despite their difference in societal standards, she still makes friends with him. As a nail professional, being open to adapting nail trends such as crackle gel, or dip powder nails will push your creativity, and it's an excellent opportunity for clients to see new nail sets from you.


9. Losing friends is normal

We all go through all forms of breakups, from romantic ones to friendships. For Eloise and Penelope, their friendship has met a rocky end when Eloise discovers Penelope's darkest secret as Lady Whistledown, and it was the ultimate betrayal for her. In the nail industry, you'll probably experience a lot of friendship breakups from your coworkers in the nail salon to cut off nail clients that are affecting your mental health care or work ethics. 

It's a normal part of life, and sometimes it can be painful, but it is necessary for your growth as a nail professional. Losing a nail client that has been loyal to you and become a friend of yours can be challenging, but as the adage says, as one door closes, another one will open.


10. Growing up takes time

Edwina Sharma has all the qualities to be the diamond of the season, her grace, beauty, and kindness. However, she has to learn the hard way about the relationship between her sister Kate, and her suitor, Anthony. She also has to realize what she wants for herself and figure out who she is as a person and not based on societal standards. 

As a nail tech, you will start at the bottom and slowly work your way up to be a professional. You can read our blog about practical beginner tips from the show The Great. If you're the type who loves taking inspiration from shows, then you'll enjoy reading this.

Bridgerton is a delight to watch, and no doubt many people have been hooked since season 1, and now it's back for season 2, beauty enthusiasts will relate to the show. If you want to have a community to fangirl about Bridgerton nails and the latest shows, join our iGel Beauty Facebook community.