9 Jelly Nail Designs That Are Sheer Perfection

Have you seen the jelly nails trend online? If yes, you probably wanted to try the Korean jelly nails instantly since they're easy to recreate and ultra-shiny!

It's hard not to fall in love with creating countless jelly nail designs, from pink jelly nails to jelly acrylic nails, since it'll give you sheer delight! Here are the top 9 jelly nails created by our iGel Beauties you can take inspiration from!

What are Jelly Nails?

TikTok has become the newest beauty hub for all things trendy in the beauty world. The jelly nails trend, a.k.a. Korean jelly nails are the latest fan favorite of nail lovers online. It's ultra shiny, easy to do, and makes gel nail fans have sheer delight! It's also called the lip gloss of manicures since, similar to lip gloss. It gives you a glassy, glass-like finish on your nails.

 If you're wondering how to do Korean jelly nails? It only takes two things, clear nail polish and colored nail polish. You have to dilute or mix the clear nail polish with the preferred, colored nail polish, and then voila! So the question is, can you do jelly nails on natural nails? The answer is yes. Its minimalistic approach made it clear why everyone loves this trend! However, you can take creative liberty with this nail trend and add your touch.

We have something better and easier; you won't need two gel polishes to recreate the trendy jelly nails. We have the LB Jelly Gel Colors line to help you achieve Korean jelly gel nails! Our LB Jelly Gel colors are versatile semi-transparent gel polishes with a lustrous finish, you can apply them plainly or encapsulate them, and it's available in 20 bold and rich colors!


1. Watercolor-like Korean Jelly Nails

The watercolor effect of this jelly nail design makes it spectacular! The way our JG10 Apple Green and JG19 Blue Zircon complement the French nail design makes it divine. Korean jelly nails shouldn't be confined to using one gel polish; this nail set shows you can unleash your creativity like how iGel Beauty, Choua Thao created this beauty!

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2. Immersed in Blue Jelly Nails

These jelly nails give us the beauty of the lake vibes with their emerald green color and blue undertones. The combination of JG18 Emerald Green and JG19 Blue Zircon makes jelly nails look mesmerizing! iGel Beauty, Ai Dung creatively showed us how jelly nail designs like this could make them a sight for sore eyes!


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3. Mix and Match Jelly Nails

If you want to take it up a notch with jelly nail designs, how about having an abstract design similar to marble and watercolor? Adding a few sparkles and variety to the shades can go a long way! Mixing our LB Jelly Gel and painting gels can help you achieve this gorgeous-looking Korean jelly nail design like this! iGel Beauty, Kassie Chittaphong, designed this nail set.


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4. Truly Pink Jelly Nails

Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine the Barbiecore aesthetic and jelly nails? This nail art design shows how creativity and gorgeous colors can make a masterpiece! Pink jelly nails will instantly be your cup of tea with the vibrant shade of our JG03 Grenache Rose. iGel Beauty, Geri Rice showed us that pink nails make everything bright!
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5. Ombre Floral Lavender Jelly Nails

We need to unpack many goodies with this jelly nail design, ombre nails, floral nail art stickers, and the main character's Korean jelly nails! Purple nail lovers will love the shades of our JG 09 Purple Amethyst and JG17 Violet. The Ombre design also adds a nice touch with the blue flowers; iGel Beauty, LillipopNails created these jelly nails that look feminine and lovely!

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6. Evergreen Tortoise Brown Jelly Nails

Dark green acrylic nails and tortoise-like brown jelly nails look perfect for each other! It looks earthy and is ideal for Spring or cottagecore nails. Korean jelly nails may be minimalistic, but it doesn't mean you can't be creative! iGel Beauty, Carolina Rose created this nail set with grace!

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7. Tortoise Shell- Inspired Jelly Nails

Tortoise Shells are usually hard-looking, but these reptile-inspired jelly nails make the shell design softer and have a gluey texture. The nude with peach undertone base of our DD172 Cozy Cashmere made the striking dark shades of our Old Terra Cotta, JG06 Champagne, JG07 Amber, and DD073 At Midnight stand out more!

iGel Beauty,
Crystal Gutierrez created a unique jelly nail design with her creativity! Another thing that made this nail set gorgeous is its fine detailing of the Tortoise Shell and the addition of rhinestones!

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8. Galaxy-Inspired Jelly Nails

Who says you can’t be creative with jelly nail designs? Galaxy-inspired pink jelly nails matched with light and deep purple ombre design look celestially gorgeous! The Saturn and stars nail art stickers are a chef kiss for this nail art!

The green burnham hints added layers and dimension to the nails. If you want to take the Korean jelly nails trend to a new level, you can take inspiration from iGel Beauty's,
LillipopNails nail set! 


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9. Emerald Green Jelly Nails

This nail art design is a bold take on the jelly nails trend; it's rich in green shades from emerald to aqua, with green undertones. If you love ombre nails and want to incorporate jelly nail designs, here's your sign to do so! 
Whether you need spring nails or something evergreen to wear for any special occasion, Korean jelly nails with these deep green shades are a surefire win with their vibrant color and jelly-like texture! A passionate iGel Beauty, beautifully designed these jelly nails!
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The jelly nails trend is not the only trend you should know that is taking the beauty world by storm! If you’re looking for other jelly nail design ideas or nail art designs to inspire you, join our iGel Beauty online community. You’ll get more than what you came for. See you there!