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A Beginner's Guide on How to Use Nail Forms

Isn't it beautiful to admire intricately sculpted nails? Like how you would admire a sculpture in an art exhibit or stare at a million stars in the night sky, the same goes for nail art designs.

To achieve gorgeous-looking sculpted nails, whether using acrylicsculpture gel, or builder in a bottle, you need to have Nail Forms since it's part of every nail tech's nail art essentials!


What is a Nail Form?

Nail forms, or Nail Form Stickers, as others call them, are used to help nail techs easily sculpt their gel nails or acrylic nails to precision. It helps set the medium to a certain place and shape. Our Nail Forms are created with vertical lines to ensure consistency in sizes. At the same time, the curved horizontal lines are there to provide a great shape. 

Nail Forms are used as nail art stickers, usually placed under the nails. You have to wrap them on each finger, ensuring the Nail Form hugs your fingers and fits the nail like a glove. We have ten Nail Forms available for you, each with unique designs.

Pro tip! One of the practical beginner nail tech tips you'll get is doing what you love can be challenging. You can practice using forms on your loved ones or friends before getting clients. Not just when you're doing nail sessions or nail sets but to get a feel for using the Nail Forms since everyone has different fingers. 

Our Nail Forms are developed to help you easily create customizable nail extensions. Nail forms come in different lengths and shapes, enabling you to do the 8 popular nail shapes. The grid system on each Nail Form is a guide for creating the right angles for perfect sidewalls and free edge shapes. Our Nail Forms are considered universal because nails can vary from person to person. 




Do Nail Forms last longer than Nail Tips?

One of the main differences between a nail form and nail tips is where you place them nail forms are usually placed under the nails while nail tips are placed on the surface of the nail for nail extensions.

Nail tips are very reliable when it comes to extending your nails and sporting any popular nail shapes you want since it has the capacity to be durable and last long. You can use a nail form to extend your nail shape since it's much lightweight but it will be removed later on. Therefore, nail forms are commonly used to sculpt your nails rather than being an extension.


How to use Nail Forms?


Before anything else, you need to set the foundation of your nails by prepping. You can read our nail prep guide.



If you're wondering how to use Nail Forms with builder gel or how to do acrylic nails with forms, then here are the answers to your questions. Place the Nail Form by inserting your finger and wrapping them behind the free end of your nail, then stick both corners together. 

Another trick you can do is attach the bottom corners together and then put them on the finger. Look at it from the side so you know it's straight and not angled up or down. Pinch the tip of the Nail Form depending on what shape and length you're going for.


 STEP 3:

Applying Nail Forms doesn't have to be challenging, but to some, it's tricky to use, especially if it's not high quality and durable; lucky for you! We have long-lasting Nail Forms, that don't tear easily and firmly adhere to nails. 

Now that the application part is over, it's time for you to be creative by applying your chosen medium ( acrylic, builder gel, and sculpture gel) onto your nails, using the vertical lines to guide the length and horizontal lines to guide the width.



Cure your nails once you're done applying your chosen medium; make sure that you're fully curing both sides of your nails with an UV/LED nail lamp. Once completely cured, remove the Nail Forms and cure the underside of your nails.

Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.

We highly recommend using a Led Mini Lamp to cure each nail properly. This small but mighty nail lamp will cure your nails for 5-10 seconds!



You can remove your Nail Forms once you're done curing. Then voila, you have a nail art design masterpiece!




Nail Forms can be fun and addicting to sculpt your nails to perfection! If you want to know more about Nail Forms best practices or get the latest iGel Beauty product launches or demos, head to our Facebook community page and join us. We'll see you there!