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French Tip Dip Case 101

You know that euphoric high when you buy a new nail product and can't wait to try it? Imagine you purchased our newly released luxurious acrylic French Tip Dip Case to help you recreate colored French tip dip nails, French dip nails with glitters, or natural French dip nails. Doesn't it seem exciting?

Not only have you added a beautiful nail product to your ever-growing nail tech essentials , but you are inspired to design gorgeous French dipping nails because of it. Read on to learn more about our French Tip Dip Case here! 


What is the iGel Beauty French Tip Dip Case?

If you're a fan of the classic natural French dip nails or colored French tip nail designs, our French Tip Dip Case will be your newest nail tool obsession since our acrylic dip case or dip tray will help you achieve stunning smile lines! 

Our dip case is heavy-duty, making it durable for long-term use. The acrylic casing makes it luxurious and classy, and it should also be in your nail art accessories or salon equipment!


Our French Tip Dip Case has two levels as a case; one is shallow, while the other has a deeper end to help you angle your finger when dipping into it. Our acrylic dip case also has a lid to help you store your dipping powder while you're working or not!  

How to use our French Tip Dip Case?

Here is the step-by-step process for using our French Tip Dip Case to achieve beautiful French dipping nails!

Step 1:

iGel Beauty, Ginny Smith will show us how to achieve beautiful French dip nails on her middle finger pinkie, thumb. While the rest of her fingers she will be doing chrome nails, you can watch the whole live video here in our iGel Beauty Facebook community!  Once you’re done with nail prep and place your preferred nail tips, you have a clean slate to start the process. In this live video, she used our Pro Gel Tips - PGT05 Medium Almond.


Step 2:

For the base of the French dipping nails, she used our Dip & Dap Powder - DD265 Take Me Home which has a neutral soft rose pink shade, a perfect base color for an almond French dip nails aesthetic. Another trick iGel Beauty, Ginny Smith does is she stirs her dipping powder to help them fluff up aside from shaking the jar. You might want to try this trick of hers whenever you feel unsure at least you have another hack to try.

Step 3:

With our  Dip & Dap - 2 Base Coat, she lightly brushed her nail tips with a thin layer of base coat to avoid flooding her nails and by applying them in the middle part of her nail and then brushing towards her free edge. Then she brushed towards her cuticle line then worked her way up again. You can do this trick if you're struggling with flooding your nails.

Step 4:

After applying the base coat, you can directly dip your nails into the dipping powder. If you're unfamiliar with the dipping method, read our in-depth guide about dip powder nails here! You can use a stainless steel nail cuticle pusher to wipe off the excess powders if shaking the powders loose doesn't work. 

Step 5:

If you want to have colored French tip dip nails, it's up to your preference and creativity, but if you want to have the classic natural French dip nails, you can use our Diamond Dip & Dap Ombre Powder - 010 with a light bubble gum pink to complement the neutral shade of the base used here! 

Step 6:

To use our French Tip Dip Case, you have to pour some dipping powder into your dip case, then tap the case gently to even the surface of the powder. Apply another thin layer of base coat on your nails.

You can slide your finger into our acrylic French tip dip case; make sure to use the right angle slowly; the more angle you use, the more curved your smile line is going to be. If you want more coverage for your tips, you can use the deeper end of our dip case.

Step 7:

While waiting for the dip powder to settle or sit on your nail tips and dust off some excess powder, Ginny maximized her time by pouring the base color on the other nails as her base while waiting.

Step 8:

Once you’re done dipping your nails with a dust brush, you can remove the excess dust and start to see the contrasting colors of your dipped nails French manicure.

This color depends on the lighting and preference, but since both colors used are light, and Ginny Smith only dipped her nails twice and is okay with the texture and quality of the dipping powder, this has been the result. You can dip your nails as often as you want to get the opacity you want for your nails. 

Step 9:

While you wait for your nails to dry, you can scrub them as Ginny does here to remove the excess powder and graininess. Then you can go ahead and use our  Dip & Dap - 3 Activator.

Step 10:

This is the end product of her Ombre French dip nails; with the help of our brand new French Tip Dip Case or Dip tray, she created a gorgeous and neutral French mani.

If you want to make more French tip dip nails, our French Tip Dip Case can help you achieve magnificent smile lines! For this nail art created by Ginny Smith, you can opt in to use lighter shades to make an emphasized contrast. You can get inspiration from our French nails roundup!


Is the iGel Beauty French Tip Dip Case a must-have?

  • French nails and dipping powder nails are among your favorite nail art designs!
  • You're tired of the usual plastic or metallic mold French dip tip tray or Dip tray and want to add a beautiful acrylic dip tip case to your nail collections!
  • You want to invest in a heavy-duty yet durable acrylic dip tray for long-term use.
  • You're looking for a versatile nail tool with two ends to the case, one shallow and one deeper, to make dipping easier at any angle and pacing. You want a nail tool that can be used for French manicures but marbling too!

While waiting for your next nail product haul to arrive, Why don't you join our iGel Beauty Online Community to find inspiration for French nail designs? You'll also see plenty of product demos and tutorials to help you improve your craft for nails in our community. Sounds good? See you there!