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Everything You Need To Know: A Phantom Pro Dust Collector Guide

Everyone deserves a pleasurable and sanitary nail care experience whenever they visit the salon. It is easily attainable with the use of tools like nail dust collectors that can prevent air pollutants or irritants from possibly harming you or your clients. Remember that first impressions last, and a totally clean and safe atmosphere will help make your customers feel at ease!

To eliminate specks of dust and the risk of contacting dip flu, our Phantom Pro Dust Collector is here to be your solution and work bestie! This investment-worthy nail salon equipment collects hazardous particles and traps them in a filter. Everything you need to know about our best-selling Dust Collector is right here!


The Phantom Pro Dust Collector

Maintaining the cleanliness of your workspace is essential as this affects both physical health and mental clarity. It is a vital part of offering a relaxing escape to your customers during their nail appointments. Dust collectors will help you reassure your customers that hygiene is a priority. No more dust and nail file shavings floating around the room with our Phantom Pro Dust Collector, the first of its kind!

This wireless and rechargeable equipment is acetone-resistant and provides a sleek and compact design with a blue LED light and front-view battery indicator. The filter can be simply removed and replaced with a single click and we doubled up its safety feature with a built-in safety switch when removing the filter. It is packed with a 4,000mAh battery capacity and can operate continuously for three hours, outlasting all others. With three different silent and easy touch speed settings (low, medium, high/max), you can perform efficiently at any time of day.


Before you dive into the guide, we encourage you to check your package’s contents! Here’s a checklist for you:


1 Phantom Pro Dust Collector (Dimensions: 10.71 x 9.10 x 2.99 inches)

1 DC Adapter (DC24V 2A)

1 User's Manual 

1 Warranty Card

1 Filter Included Inside the Machine


A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Phantom Pro Dust Collector: 



Step 1:

Before turning your device on, check if the battery is sufficiently charged if you’re using it wirelessly. You may charge it for 2-3 hours if your machine is completely out of battery life. Otherwise, you can simply use the machine and plug the power adapter into the nearest socket.

It is highly recommended to inspect your power adapter’s voltage and to not over/under-volt your battery. Keep in mind to plug the device with dry hands and use only the correct charger for this device.


Step 2:

Time to switch your machine on. First, turn the master ON/OFF switch to the “|” position then watch the blue LED lights around the machine light up. The blue lights should stay on which indicates that your dust collector is fully functional. Take note that there’s a second power switch that needs to be activated beside the pre-programmed speed buttons. Once both switches are turned on, your machine is ready to work! 


Step 3:

To make the fan work, the drawer and filter should be well assembled. Ensure that the filter is properly 'clicked' into place by pushing it inside the drawer. You can repeat the process until the filter is properly placed and the fan works perfectly. Fret not! There is a built-in safety switch that will stop the machine automatically when you remove the filter drawer.


Step 4:

After you've set up your Phantom Pro Dust Collector, you can now select your preferred speed setting: low, medium, and high/max. If you want to adjust the speed, touch one of the buttons L, M, or H, once, then you will see the backlight light up. It's important to note that the estimated battery life per speed setting varies: L: 4.3 hours / M: 3 hours / H: 1.5 hours. 

The sound level of this nail tool will also depend on your chosen speed. If you want a quieter experience, it’s best to choose Low, and if it seems that the sound level is too quiet for your liking, you can always check if your filter has been clogged. When using it at high/max mode, be prepared for a less quiet sound as the machine tries not to overheat. 


Step 5: 

Wait for the machine to finish dusting off. It has a big surface area that can definitely help you keep your surroundings dust-free. Allow yourself and your customers to breathe freely without having to worry about irritants! 


Effective Ways to Clean The Phantom Pro Dust Collector


Step 1:

First on the list, make sure that your Phantom Pro Dust Collector is completely turned off. You may also choose to simply pull the filter out to turn off the internal fan and automatically activate the safety feature.


Step 2: 

Next up, remove the dust collector's tray and clean it of any dust. To remove the dust, tap the filter lightly.  Do not get the filter wet, so be cautious when cleaning the filter. We also suggest using another beauty tool to help you out - your trusty hair dryer! This will blow away any dust particles that remain in your filter. 


Step 3: 

You can now reinstall the filter back into the drawer after you’ve finished cleaning it. Run a quick check if you have placed it on the right spot.

The removable trays can be cleaned after each use, but it would be better to replace them with replacement filters to ensure the quality of their dusting and the durability of the dust collector. Take note that filters must be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks for the machine to function properly, and this may vary depending on the usage. When you notice a decrease in efficiency and/or if the filter no longer holds the dust inside it, it’s time to replace it. The size of our filter is 6 1/8 inches by 8 1/8 inches. You can view it here:


The Phantom Pro Dust Collector's user-friendly features make the process of using and cleaning it simple. If you have suggestions or find this information useful, we’d love to hear them! You may share your thoughts in our iGel Beauty Online Community. Our community has helpful resources and tips as well that will surely improve your dust collector experience.

Do you need more help with your machine? No problem! Our Phantom Pro Dust Collector has a 6-month manufacturer warranty, and our Technical Support Team can guide you in troubleshooting your device and offer a repair service. Reach out to customer service through our live chat platform found on our website or through customer service email at