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How to Clean Nail Art Brushes 101

What is a nail artist without their nail art brushes? You can't create countless nail designs that are beautifully designed without them. It's one of the reasons why you should invest in the best nail art brushes that can help you achieve masterpieces to make your clients fall head over heels with you as a nail tech.

Since nail tools are your bread and butter and nail art brushes are one of them, it only makes sense for you to take good care of them. Don't worry since we got you with our How to clean nail art brushes guide. Read on to find out more!


How to clean nail art brushes:

Alcohol and Acetone method:

Step 1:

One common method nail techs use to clean their nail brushes is to use 70% to 90% Isopropyl Alcohol or acetone. You can use alcohol for gel products and acetone for regular nail polish.) Remember that Kolinsky brushes have sable hair and are made of natural fibers that can damage acrylic nail brushes if prolonged use.

The alcohol and acetone will slowly ruin your brush's texture, and you want to prevent that from happening. You can use alcohol or acetone as a cleaning or disinfecting agent as part of your nail salon sanitation routine. It's advisable not to clean your nail brushes with alcohol daily and only soak them for five minutes.  


Step 2:

After soaking your nail art brushes in alcohol, the next step you have to do is soak them in monomer for a few minutes to keep the bristles from drying out. When you're not using it, condition it with some cuticle or nourish oil. But clean it in acetone before you use it again.


Gel or Top Coat method:

Step 1:

Another alternative you can consider when cleaning your nail brushes is by using a clear gel topcoat. All you have to do is gently apply a gel top coat on top of the nail art brushes until they become clean.


Step 2:

You can also use your paint pallet and swish the dirty brush through a dab of gel as it cleans off the paint, then gently wipe it with a lint-free wipe. Then store the nail art brushes with the slightest bit of topcoat on the bristles to keep them squeaky clean.

Other tips for cleaning your nail brushes:

  • The placement of your UV/ LED nail lamps should be considered. Anything that comes into contact with the light will be affected. Make sure the brushes you're using aren't in the way of the lamps while you work. Any product left on your brushes will harden as soon as they come into contact with light, resulting in brush damage.
  • If the bristles of your nail art brushes are severely damaged, you may be able to save them by soaking them in boiling water.

Where to store your nail art brushes:

Start by purchasing nail brush storage such as a container or a pouch whichever you prefer to keep them safe. Many brushes come with matching caps or small plastic tubes to protect the bristles from damage. Nail art brushes should be stored separately from your other supplies in a brush case or implement box to avoid damage to the bristles.

Put it in an acrylic case with a lid for dust and lint-free storage. To prevent dust from adhering to the bristles, store the brush feral with its downwards or sideways depending on how dry it is and whether or not you have gotten a lot of monomer resting stagnant inside the brush. You can also use a dust cover as an alternative to keep the nail art brushes clean.

Cleaning your beloved nail art brushes shouldn’t be a chore anymore; you can store them neatly and ready for use anytime you have an appointment or need to practice your skills. It's one of the surefire ways to avoid stress as a nail tech

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