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iGel Blossom Gel 101

Who doesn't want their nail art to bloom and capture many people's eyes? Make your nails be the center of attraction with our Blossom Gel. If you're wondering whether you should add the Blossom Gel to your nail collection, then let this blog convince you why you should. If you already purchased one, and are unsure how to use it, here's our guide to enlighten you. So, sit back and read on!

What is Blossom Gel?

Our Blossom Gel can be described in three words according to the raving reviews of iGel Beauties, easy, flexible, and fun. It's a hassle-free nail product that adds a blooming or watercolor effect to your gel nails; you'll see its difference in your nail art with just a thin coat. 

The Blossom Gel is multipurpose since you can add it to any nail art to add an oomph factor. You can create various designs like aurora borealis, seascape wave patterns, and even tie-dye!

When you apply the Blossom Gel to any gel polish, the blooming effect will magically unfold right before your nails, making it even more gorgeous and a must-have for nail techs. You can read our Gel polish guide to refresh your memory about gel nails.

How to Apply Blossom Gel:

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Step 1: Prep

Before anything else, prepping your nails is a must to make your nail art sturdy and bloom-ready when you apply the Blossom Gel. You can read our blog about nail prep here.


Step 2: Choose any gel polish

Apply two (2) coats of polish in any color gel you choose. Cure for 30 seconds in between each layer of icing. (For the record, the gel shade on the video is DIP & DAP DUO - DD047 FRISKY FUCHSIA. )

Curing time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), and UV (2 minutes), depending on light wattage.

Separately cure each nail to ensure each is correctly cured.


Step 3: Apply the Blossom Gel


The Blossom gel should be applied to the entire nail. Curing under light is a bad idea since a clear and slippery polish will develop if you do so.

Step 4: Design your nails

After applying the Blossom Gel, you can use any gel polish to create your nail art designs. We'll be using the DD001 - Pure White, but feel free to make it your own! This would be a perfect time to bring out your artistic side. 


Step 5: Apply Top Coat

With our No Cleanse Top Coat, you'll get that additional shine! The Matte Top Coat gives a suede-like feel when applied over the No Cleanse.

Cure Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.

Pro Tip: For evenness, cure each nail separately. 



Making your nail art bloom among the many nail designs you can see on the internet is now achievable with our Blossom Gel. Join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to learn more about our products, find nail inspirations and be a part of a network of talented and helpful iGel Beauties.