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Nail School Orientation

Are you excited for nail school since its the back to school season! You’re probably wondering what to expect in nail tech schools and how it works, You can prepare for your upcoming classes by watching nail tech youtubers or enrolling yourself in an online nail tech course to give you an idea. Here’s a list of things you should expect in nail school!

1. You will learn more than just nail anatomy

Since you will be entering nail school, naturally, you will be learning everything and anything about nails! You can read about nail anatomy online or in textbooks to get a head start on the basics. You can also read our blogs about nail shapes and what causes a person to have nail allergies!

Nail school is not just all beauty since it's a place where you will learn and be trained to be a nail professional, prepare, and develop effective study habits and time management skills to excel in both practical and theoretical aspects.

Embrace new techniques and stay updated with industry trends by reading industry publications and attending workshops. You'll be assessed on your skills and knowledge, and there will be exams or practical assessments.

The curriculum may have evolved since your last enrollment, incorporating new techniques, products, or safety protocols to stay on top! Study diligently, practice regularly, and seek help from instructors or peers when needed. Focus on improving weak areas to increase your chances of passing.

2. Get to know sanitation and safety best practices

It's not enough to know how to do flawless nail art and marketing strategies for your nail business; but it's essential to learn how to practice hygiene and safety and expect to know that in nail school. Complete your nail tech school essentials with our UV Sterilization Box! You can read our blogs on Nail salon sanitation and cleaning your nail art brushes effectively!

3. Learn many nail art designs and techniques

You'll be introduced to various nail art techniques, including painting, designing, and embellishing nails. Remember that nail school is a learning experience, and making mistakes and asking questions is okay.

Be open to feedback, stay motivated, and use your time in school to build a strong foundation for a successful career in nail technology. You can start practicing your skills and consider experimenting with nail art at home to get a feel for it. Invest in our Nail Training Hand or collection of Nail Art Accessories

 4. Preparing you for state licensing exams


Nail school will prepare you to ace your state licensing exams; you can start by doing intensive research about your state's licensing requirements and ensure you meet them before enrolling in nail school. Preparing for and taking the state board exam is crucial to becoming a licensed nail technician. Expect a written and practical portion of the exams. You can prepare for the practical part of the exam by being an expert on the basics. We recommend our nail forms or the E-file as part of your essentials.

 5. You'll have strong time management skills

In nail school, you need to be wise in handling your time. At first, if you're a beginner, you will take time to create nail art designs, but once you get the hang of it, you won't take hours anymore! In nail school, you have to be on top of your class schedules.

Time management is important if you want to be a mobile nail tech or a freelance nail tech. For example, if you love doing French manis, we recommend our French Tip Dip Case and our French Nail Cutter Tools since they'll seamlessly create flawless smile lines and save time!



Join our online community to meet other hardworking iGel Beauties who can help you get started in nail school and give you tons of nail art ideas!