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16 Best Nail Tech Youtubers to Watch Online


We all know the power of streaming sites and search engine giants to educate or entertain people from all walks of life. In just one click, information is easily accessible. If you want to make a matcha latte recipe or learn how to do summer acrylic nails, you can go to Youtube or Google, then voila, you know a thing or two about them. 

 The good thing is nail tech Youtubers or content creators are willing to share insights about different nail topics online, such as personal branding, things you should know, business and marketing lessons, and real-life scenarios that every nail tech can relate to. Watching Youtube tutorials and videos are another great alternative to enrolling in online nail tech courses. For intermediate to advanced nail techs, refreshing your memory with the current nail trends and techniques can help you.

For newbies watching videos online is another excellent resource for learning if you’re still not yet in nail school. Here are our roundups on the 16 best nail tech Youtubers you should stay tuned to online.


1. Nail Career Education


Nail art-enthusiasts have probably watched one or two videos of Nail Career Education as part of their learning curve. If you're unfamiliar with Nail Career Education, it's one of the famous youtube channels catering to all things nails. 

Suzie Moskal is a professional nail tech and salon owner based in British Columbia, Canada, with over 35 years of experience in the field. You can learn plenty of nail techniques, from ombre nails to using a chrome powder pen. Together with her husband, a sound designer, and editor, they create valuable content that nail art enthusiasts will love! Her 2.5 million subscribers are a testament to her dedication to sharing her passion for nails and beauty!


2. Nailedit


Here’s a nail artist you should be following online aside from successful celebrity nail techs, Vee Mendoza of Veenailedit. She should be part of your must-watch list, and if you want to learn practical beginner tips through her story time videos or get organizing inspiration with her nail desk tour content, then you should subscribe to her channel. 

Aside from being a content creator, she’s the owner of a Pensacola, Florida- based nail salon called Nailfie Studio. You’ll never run out of videos to binge-watch on her channel since she’s active online and continuously shares valuable content. She has beginner to advanced tutorials for her audience. As Plato once said, “Watch a man at play for an hour, and you can learn more about him than talking to him for a year.” Veenailedit is a gem when it comes to all things nails and beauty!


3. Natali Carmona


Acrylic and dip powder nails are one of the expertise of nail artist Natali Carmona. You'll love her content since she's passionate about sharing tutorials newbies can learn from. Her youtube channel name is her name, and it's an online hub on which she will be sharing her insights as a cosmetology instructor and a founder of Getnailed32. 

You'll see her creativity on her channel with her DIY projects and beautiful nail sets. If you love bejeweled acrylic nails or DIY press-ons, you should stay tuned to Natali.


4. Onesty Lucia


Another nail tech content creator you should follow is Onesty Lucia since she has a variety of content you will enjoy and can inspire your creativity. If you love a day in a life videos, visual diaries, and talks about beauty and wellness, then her youtube channel is a go-to.


5. Kayli Boyle


If you love doing DIY nail art sets, then you should stay tuned to Kayli Boyle, a content creator who makes videos about all things beauty and not just nails. If you’re a nail enthusiast who wants to learn more about the beauty world than just nails, you’ll love her youtube channel filled with recreating popular beauty trends videos and seasonal nail art tutorials.


6. Emma’s Nail Room


Emma’s Nail Room is a youtube channel with a diary vibe of a budding nail artist. If you want to see nail art designs that are gorgeous and behind the scenes of a nail school student, Emma’s Nail Room is a must-see!


7. NailsByKatieDutra


Gel nails lovers will find the NailsByKatieDutra youtube channel a delight since you’ll be having gel nails overloaded with the numerous content about them. You can master applying gel nails with each tutorial and swatches videos you’ll see online. 


8. Ohjessbehave


Another talented nail tech you should watch online that will give you a run for your money is Jessi of Ohjessbehave since you’ll see plenty of nail tutorials, DIY nail how-tos, and hauls. The best part is she’ll also teach you how to use iGel Beauty products!


9. Fairynix



Fairynix is another youtube channel you shouldn’t miss if you love to watch aesthetically pleasing videos and ASMR. You’ll feel calm and inspired watching the beautiful nail sets and the sounds.


10. Gabby Angelique


There’s countless aesthetically pleasing content on nail art and all things beauty on Youtube, but if you can’t get enough of those (we can’t blame you!), here’s another Youtuber/ nail artist you should binge-watch on. It’s Gabby Angelique. You’ll see her pastel-colored cute nail art designs on her channel that you’ll surely want to recreate!


11. Paola Ponce Nails


Nail art has different techniques and sometimes can be overwhelming if you want to master Japanese nail art or learn more about Japanese Gel Nail applications.

Paola Ponce of the Paola Ponce Nails will enlighten you. She shares content that educates people about Japanese Gel Nails and solopreneurship, perfect for those who want to learn how to market themselves and make their clients fall head over heels for them.


12. Isabel May Nails


Isabel is another nail tech content creator you should be watching. She’s a UK-based nail artist who creates content about nails, such as nail desk organization, nail challenges, product reviews, and vlogs. 

She’s a self-professed obsessed with organizing and being neat; therefore, you can get plenty of insightful tips and tricks about them. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up kind of content to get you through the day, Isabel May Nails is a youtube channel you can binge-watch!


13. Vivian Marie


Vivian Marie's youtube channel is a gem since you'll resonate with the authenticity and vlogs about her life as a nail artist and anywhere in between. Every time you watch Vivian's videos, it's like talking to your best friend, where she tells you stories and shows bits and pieces of her life.


14. Nailed By Shy


Nailed By Shy should be on your nail tech list since she has a variety of content for you to choose from. If you want to watch a lot of iGel Beauty content, from swatches to product reviews, then her youtube channel is a must for you. You’ll see her watch me videos, makeup videos, and hauls! If that’s your cup of tea, head over to the Nailed By Shy youtube channel asap!


15. Bxddieangie


If you’re curious about the life of a nail tech in the land of down under, let Angie of the Bxddieangie youtube channel enlighten you! You’ll love her upbeat and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and nail videos and learn something about the nail industry with her content online!


16. Nailcou


You'll probably say merci beaucoup for discovering Nailcou's youtube channel since you'll love her educational content and storytime videos. Anastasia Milton has been a professional nail tech since 2014. 

She's also a certified educator, writer for magazines, and one of the top 10 Video Nail Art Video Creator in 2020. Her achievements in the nail industry are truly inspiring. Her youtube channel has a lot of product reviews, tutorials, and nail hacks you shouldn't miss out on!