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How to Be a Freelance Nail Tech

Are you considering becoming a freelance nail tech? If yes, you're probably wondering what's the difference between a freelance nail tech and a mobile nail tech or the benefits of being a freelancer; we're here to help you!

 You may be a mom and want the flexibility of working as a nail artist while tending to your children or home, or you may need a change from working for a nail salon for years. We're here to enlighten you about being a freelance nail tech; read on to learn more!

What is a freelance nail tech?


Nail technicians that work independently are known as "freelancer nail techs," and they go by various names. A freelance nail tech works independently and visits clients' homes or offices rather than working in a salon or spa to do nail services.

A self-employed nail technician can pick and choose their clientele, work whenever they want, and charge whatever they like. They often promote their offerings using personal websites, online directories, social media, and word of mouth. For larger events such as weddings, parties, and fashion shows, some independent nail techs partner with event planners, photographers, and makeup artists to provide on-site nail services.

Freelance nail artsts need to be well-versed in both in the art and business of nail care because they are responsible for their own booking and marketing. For those who are self-motivated, have an eye for design, and have a knack for nail art, this may be a lucrative line of work.


What is the difference between a freelance nail tech and a mobile nail tech?

The difference between a freelance nail tech and a mobile nail tech is the time and schedule; as a freelance nail tech, you'll have more flexibility in terms of clientele, work setup, and time.

While a mobile nail tech also has flexibility, but it's more on the working setup since they will cater to their clients needs whether in their homes or workplace. Yes, there's also flexibility in time, but you can be a mobile nail tech as a full-time nail salon worker. You'll only have the flexibility to travel to different places, while being a freelancer means you can work from home if you want to.


How to be a freelance nail tech?


There's no one-size-fits-all for becoming a freelance nail tech; every person and their journeys can differ. You can take inspiration from celebrity nail techs and online nail tech YouTubers on how they started their nail tech careers!

Learning the basics of nail care, nail art designs, and other techniques is essential before becoming a freelance nail tech. You can learn the basics in nail school or supplement your nail tech education through an online nail tech course or self-help books. Just keep in mind that being a beautician is taken seriously in the United States. A license is vital as a nail tech whether you want to work for a nail salon or freelancer since it's one of the legal requirements.

Once you get your license, to jumpstart your career, you can work in a nail salon for a few years to improve your skills. This season is a great time to build your personal brand. Once you've done enough research and gained enough experience to start your freelance job, you can do so!

Benefits of becoming a freelance nail tech:

1. Independence

You are your own boss as a freelance nail tech. You can choose and run your business the way you want. As a freelance nail tech, you can use nail art to express yourself and make unique patterns for your clients. When you work as a freelancer, you can make your own plan. You can choose when and where you work, making handling your personal life and other obligations easier!


2. Increase your earnings


Freelancing can be a better way to make money than working in a nail salon. You can set your own prices and keep all of the money you make. Most nail techs who work independently have lower overhead costs than those who own or rent a salon area.

This means you can save money on rent, utilities, and other expenses from having an actual location. Let's face it nail products can be costly, and inflation is just around the corner; therefore, becoming a freelance nail tech sounds enticing to those who want to earn more through hard work!

 3. Variety of clients


When you work as a freelance nail tech, you meet many different people with different tastes and styles. This keeps your work exciting and allows you to learn new things. If you're also good with people, it will also help you build your network and ties simultaneously, which is a win-win situation!

As a freelance nail tech, getting clients helps you make connections and grow your business network. Referrals from people who like what you do can help you get more clients and and make your clients fall in love with you!

4. Flexible in work location

As a freelance nail tech, you can choose to work from home, go to clients' places, or rent a space in a salon or classroom. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you want, and if you have a home office, that's even better!


5. Work-life balance

Freelancing gives you the chance to get a better mix between work and life. You can plan your meetings around your own life and put self-care first. As a freelance nail tech, you can make a living doing what you love. You get to do what you love every day, which makes you very happy at work and better for your mental health!

6. Personal growth

When you run your freelance business, you must take care of things like marketing strategies, customer service, and money management. This can help you learn valuable things and grow as a person. You have full power over the prices you set, the services you offer, and the products you use. This freedom gives you the freedom and empowerment to run your business how you want.


7. Continuous learning

As a freelance nail tech, you must keep up with new trends, techniques, and products in the beauty business, which is constantly changing. This ensures you're always getting better at your job and learning new things. As a freelance nail tech, you have the time to improve your skills by watching nail tech YouTubers online, practicing your photography, or reading books, unlike when you worked in a nail salon.

8. Customized nail art design services

Working on your own gives you the freedom to tailor your services to the needs of each client. You can make each client's experience different and unique, making them happier. You can try out new nail art methods, products, and designs as a freelance nail tech. You have the freedom to specialize from DIY press-ons to crackle gel! No one will stop you; you can push your creativity as you go and see where your freelance journey will take you!

Remember that being a freelance nail tech has its challenges, like handling your own promotion, scheduling, and business management. However, if you're an aspiring freelancer who is dedicated, works hard, and loves what they do, freelancing can be a worthwhile and satisfying way to make a living. 



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