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Line Art Gel Kit Vs. Painting Gel Set: Which One Should You Invest In?

Want to have nail art line designs that are gorgeous and crisp-looking that will make your nail clients fall head over heels with you? If the answer is a resounding yes, then no doubt you need to invest in a high-quality and long-lasting nail product that can help elevate your nail art ideas.

Whether it's simple nail art to abstract nail art. If you're torn between our Line Art Gel Kit and Painting Gel Set, we'll break down their features and pros and cons to help you decide which line nail art set you should invest in.



Nail art enthusiasts and beauty lovers rejoice! Since our Line Art Gel Kit is here to bring "awesomeness in a box," take it from one of our iGel Beauties who gave this glowing review. doesn't it remind you of a box of sweet chocolates where it brings your heart joy and satisfaction to your sweet tooth cravings? How about the makeup palette you're using as part of your daily beauty routine? 

 Our gel kit has 24 assorted colors of 0.27 or 8mL of line art gel, which means you can choose different shades of gel liners that are ready to make your nail art pop from Stormy Grey to Elegant Emerald! You can have fun and be creative with the gel kit's various shades. In terms of consistency and formula of the gel liners, one brush of the gel has a thick consistency which is an excellent option for line work. 

The colors of the 24 assorted colors in the gel kit are highly pigmented and are a must-have since they can make your nail art look eye-catching and make you love line nail art even more. You can check out the iGel Beauty Facebook community to see countless nail inspirations from iGel Beauties!

The Line Art Gel Kit Brush can help you beat self-doubt as a nail tech since it has a thin brush that can help you streamline the designing process and make line art looks precise and crisp, making it beginner-friendly. You don't have to worry about your hands being unsteady during a nail service since the brush's length is not that long, which paves the way for easy nail art for you, which helps reduce stress and makes the process more enjoyable.

If you love to keep your nail desk organized, this gel kit is perfect for you since you don't have to worry about where to put your babies ( a.k.a. The nail gel liners). You can easily place them in the box, then voila, you're good to go! Check out our blog, 8 Ways To Effectively Organize Your Nail Desk, to know more. 

Pros of the Line Art Gel Kit:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • It helps the nail art design process be easy with thin brush features
  • Have 24 new and various colors/ shades for nail art designs 
  • It comes in a box which makes it storage-friendly
  • The high pigmented and thick consistency of the gel liners ( great for nail art)
  • High-quality gel liners that are investment-worthy and reliable
  • (Affordable) price starts at $286.95 but due to sale price is now at $86.09
  • Perfect for mobile nail techs who are always on the go, travel-friendly


Cons of the Line Art Gel Kit:

  • Some may want to have per piece or individual gel liners
  • ( We have a Solo Line Art Gel for sale in shades of Black and White available in stock!)


    Say goodbye to runny painting gels and traditional acrylic paints for your nail art designs. The painting gel in 5 colors set brings your nail art ideas to real-life masterpieces that can make even your Nail Art Designs Photography a stunner! 

    You can unleash your artistic side with painting gels since it's formulated to be multi-purpose, beginner-friendly, and be placed on layers to create a 3D effect. This set has five colors, White, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, and Black, that come in 21 oz or ( 7) each, making it a steal!

    This collection is one of our fan favorites since the Painting Gel, a.k.a. Painting gel pots, are highly pigmented, don't have a runny texture, and are easy to apply. 

    Last but not least is perfect for creating detailed or intricate line nail art, making it an instant chef kiss! You can easily recreate your favorite celebrity nail tech's nail art designs with the painting gel's premium quality. If you're worried about the painting gels having a strong scent, the good news is it only has a light scent that wouldn't bother you or your nail clients. 


    Pros of the Painting Gel- 5 Colors set:

  • Vibrant colors and shades
  • High quality and long-lasting nail product
  • It has a thick consistency without a runny texture
  • Beginner-friendly
  • It comes in gel pots that are travel-friendly
  • Multi-purpose product
  • Defines line nail art with intricate or detailed designs
  • Affordable( Original price is $ 99.00, but due to sale, it's now at $ 29.70)
  • You can opt-in for a solo or individual painting gel pots with the same shades as the 5 Colors set


    Cons of the Painting Gel- 5 Colors set:

  • It doesn't have a brush- We highly recommend DUAL LINE BRUSH 10MM / 22MM) You can read our Nail art brushes roundup here.
  • Needs storage for the painting gel
  • Other nail techs would need different shades or colors.

    Final Verdict:

    When it comes to buying nail products, there are a lot of factors to consider, from the quality to the features or accessories it comes with. It all boils down to your personal preference and priority. 

    As a nail tech or a DIY nail enthusiast, opting for a collection of line art gels that can bring out the beauty in your nail art line designs is crucial for anyone who wants to hone their nail art skills.

    The Line Art Gel Kit is perfect for those who want to design nail art line designs with various shades since it has 24 colors and easy application with its thin brush. 

    The box serves as storage, making it a must-have for mobile nail techs or nail techs who want to keep their space neat. While the Panting Gel- 5 Colors Set helps elevate your nail art design's intricate details. It's multipurpose, has a thick consistency with hyperpigmentation, and doesn't have a runny texture that nail techs love. 

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