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3D Dual Flower Magnet 101

Cat eye nail designs or the velvet nail trend can be addictive! Whether you're fascinated with the magic of the cat eye nail magnet or can't get enough of the TikTok velvet nail trend, you must have the right tools! If you want to learn more why our 3D Dual Flower Magnet is add-to-cart-worthy and can help you jump on the velvet nails trend asap, read on to learn more!

What is our 3D Dual Flower Magnet?

If you like our 3D Dual Head Magnet, you'll love our 3D Dual Flower Magnet! This cat eye nail magnet has the same powerful pull of the 3D Cat Eye effect that can make your cat eye nail designs stunning! Nail lovers who are fond of flowers or the spring season will love the feature of this cat eye magnet! You can add this to your nail art accessories collection!

Our in-depth Cat Eye Guide will enlighten you more about our four different cat eyes! But you can use this floral cat eye nail magnet on our cat-eye collections:


What are the differences between the 3D Dual Flower Magnet and the 3D Cat Eye Dual Head Magnet?

The flower magnet's simple five petals floral design is not only a unique feature, but it has dual purposes on both sides; if you look closely, it has a dotted straight line design which will help you create that sharp, strong, visible 3D Cat-Eye Effect once you use them interchangeably to activate the strong pull of your magnetic cat eye polish!

Same with the 3D Dual Magnet: It has the rectangular block magnet and the other smaller circle magnet on the opposite side. Both cat eye nail magnet's dual sides have the magnetic pull to bring out the beauty of your cat eye nail designs.

When you purchase the  Cateye Collection (100 colors) and the Supernova Cateye (18 colors), both collections have a free 3D Dual Head Magnet. While the 3D Dual Flower Magnet can be purchased as an additional accessory, you can pair it with these specialty polish collections to give you a more versatile range of magnetic designs. 

What magnetic effects does our 3D Dual Head Magnet and  3D Dual Flower Magnet create?

The 3D Dual Head Magnet creates the gorgeous line, block, or circle effects on your cat eye nail designs! While the 3D Dual Flower Magnet creates robust line designs and stunning yet trendy velvet cat-eye effects on your nail designs!


How to achieve the TikTok velvet nails?

Step 1:


First, put on a thin layer of iGel Base Coat and let it dry under your UV / LED lamp.

Step 2:

The next step is to put on the first coat of your chosen iGel Cat Eye gel polish and let it dry under a  UV / LED lamp.

Step 3:


Apply the second coat of iGel Cat Eye gel polish after you cure your nails.

Step 4:

You can use our 3D Cat Eye Dual Head Magnet to achieve a flawless look; however, you can also use our 3D Dual Flower Magnet to see and explore what creative potential you can unleash on your velvet nails!


Step 5:

You can put it away when you're done with our flower magnet and happy with how velvety it looks. You can cure your nails under your UV / LED lights. Depending on the lamp's power, LED takes 30 seconds, UV/LED takes 60–90 seconds, and UV takes 2 minutes.

Step 6:


Use our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat to finish off your beautiful TikTok velvet nails.

Is the 3D Dual Flower Magnet a must-have?

  • Are you in need of new yet cute nail art tools or nail art accessories? Then you should add our 3D Dual Flower Magnet to your collection!
  • If you love Cat Eye nail designs and are a massive fan of anything cat eye nails- related
  • Flowers have always been your thing; better yet, you specialize in creating floral-inspired nail art designs, and adding our 3D Dual Flower Magnet will make you smile every time you design!

If you said yes, to all of the considerations whether you should immediately invest in our newly launched 3D Dual Flower Magnet, then it's no doubt an iGel Beauty add-to-cart-worthy nail product!

While waiting for your next nail product haul to arrive, Why don't you join our iGel Beauty Online Community to find inspiration for cat eye nail designs? You'll also see plenty of product demos and tutorials to help you improve your craft for nails in our community. Sounds good? See you there!