These 5 Inspiring iGel Beauties Stories Will Instantly Convert You


We wrote a heartfelt love letter to iGel Beauties last May, but we couldn't seem to get enough of our adoration for one another. So, In celebration of get to know your customers, we decided to feature iGel beauties who have inspiring stories.

 You can check out our 60% sale blog and read other stories on how our sales helped others as a beginner nail tech. If you're new here then these top iGel Beauty stories that will make you feel all the feels and make you want to be a part of our community!



1. Kristie Johnson Stroud


Kristie's middle name is hustle; her strong work ethic was cultivated by her grandparents, who raised her. Life happened to her for 12 years; she has worked a full-time job (two jobs at one point), went to school full time, got married, dropped out of college (twice) to take care of ailing grandparents, and dealt with numerous financial struggles.

Through all of that, she worked and sacrificed constantly. The only thing that kept her feeling somewhat like a human being, according to her, was getting her nails done.  "I would treat myself to getting nail care at a salon whenever I could afford it. Silly as it may seem, getting my nails done was the one thing I could do for mental health care and to make me happy. "


"For the duration of my adult life up to this point, I'd just been floating around. I have my husband and kids, whom I love more than words express, but I'd been living with the feeling that I lacked a purpose in life. What does that have to do with nails? Like many others, I turned to learn how to do my nails during the shutdown. I was still being made to work even during the shutdown, and man, was I in desperate need of some self-care."

It was a pleasant surprise when she started learning how to do nails and enjoying herself," Of course, my first few sets looked awful, and I was completely untrained and relied on YouTube to teach me. But even with my wonky shaping, dismal filing, and bare minimum supplies, I was happy. "

Kristie was blown away when she found iGel Beauty's professional-grade products at a price that didn't leave her wallet crying. Fast forward to now. She built up a more than respectable collection of professional-grade supplies and products, saved so much money doing her nails, and started her DIY press on business. She left her job to focus on getting a license and her nail business. 

"I'm scared and nervous but excited for this new chapter in my life. And none of this would've been possible without iGel Beauty and their 60% off sale. Without them, I would never have been able to afford the supplies I needed to find my path in life eventually. So thank you, iGel, for the sales and for giving me the means to find and pursue my newfound passion."

2. Latoya Murray


Latoya's inspiring nail journey is a tale about perseverance. Broken nails from severe nail biting shouldn't stop you from becoming a successful nail tech.

Latoya started her nail journey during the quarantine. She always liked pretty nails but only got them done for special occasions. She also had a severe nail biting problem since childhood, linked to stress and nervousness; however, she would never bite my nails when they were done. For her, finding a cost-effective way to do her nails was logical to discourage biting. She turned to YouTube and found Marla Kris, a nail tech youtuber who introduced her to iGel. 

"Not only have iGel products helped me with the nail-biting, but they also provided an outlet to deal with stress and provide self-care. I am getting good and considering getting a nail license."

Her first purchase was in May 2020; since then, she owns over 120 dip and dap powders, 50 gel polishesliquids, and decals. It's not the final count since it's an ever-growing collection. It's inspiring to see how self-doubt no longer stopped Latoya from pursuing her dreams of being a nail tech. As she grows in her nail journey, so does her love for iGel Beauty.



3. Iv Mary


Iv story is a testimony to not ignoring the signs you’re destined to be a nail tech. She has been doing her nails for many years and has finally taken the plunge to become a nail tech student.

 "I found out about iGel Beauty from a fellow student. Purchased basic things, like base coat, top coat, builder gel and more. Needless to say I’m in LOVE with iGel! Going to get more colors now!"



4. Kristen Albright


Sometimes life takes us by surprise and Kristen's story is no different. Every nail journey is different and we can learn a thing or two from her adventures. 20 years ago she completed her cosmetology education and started working in a salon.

"I loved hair but I gravitated to nails which surprised me. I asked the lead nail tech to teach me her tips and tricks and my manager started letting me do nails. Nails completely took over my business and I had a 100% book rate and a waitlist. "


She got extremely sick in 2001 and was rushed to the hospital. Due to the lack of ventilation, her already compromised lungs from asthma were having respiratory failure. The doctor would never clear her to go back to work in a salon. She may not be able to go back to working in a nail salon but she always goes back to what she loves and that is doing  nails.

"Flash forward in 2020, she started watching YouTube and seeing all the press on nail tutorials and it got her creative juices flowing again. I joined a FB group and everyone was talking about iGel polish. I went to the website and saw they were 60% off and I ordered a bunch of colors and decided to start a press on nail business. I have created several sets and am working on my website."


5. Cheryl Ciesielski Gill


So much changed when the pandemic hit. Cheryl's story shows the truth in the adages, blessings in disguise or when one door closes another one will open. During the pandemic they became unemployed and  unable to go to the salon to get their nails done.

They decided after seeing the iGel website and the amazing deal on their products that they can be self-taught. If it wasn't for the sale of the products, according to her it would not have been possible to jumpstart their nail journey.


"We purchased what we needed to get started, watched the videos, practiced on the nail training hand and then on each other's. We had fun, made a mess and learned a lot. We spent quality time together and had lots of laughs, because if you would have seen the first few sets we did you'd be laughing too!"


 Juggling your nail career and motherhood can be a beautiful way to strengthen your family bond and Cheryl's story is a beautiful testimony.


" So now that I've learned to do my own nails and my daughter's, we no longer go to the salon and the money we save we spend on more stuff from iGel. So thank you iGel for your amazing sale, products and the quality time and laughs with my daughter. "




This roundup is an ode to our beloved iGel Beauties, who continuously support us! It's one of our way of giving back by highlighting your stories. 
Plenty of iGel Beauty stories are being shared in our Facebook community daily. Suppose you're new and want to read more of these and learn what makes our brand unique. Join us, and we'll see you there!