A Love Letter to iGel Beauties

Dearest iGel Beauties,

Okay, so I might be a bit obsessed with the show Bridgerton but can you even blame me? You may not know me yet, but I'm Nicole, current Blog Manager of iGel Beauty. If you're reading this blog right now, it's a labor of love. If you've been a reader of iGel Beauty blogs courtesy of the LEARN tab on the site.


 You'll see how much we've grown in the past year in terms of educating and entertaining you, and on behalf of the hardworking and insanely creative marketing team of iGel, we want to thank you all!  I'm not the only one on the team. If you love the visuals or graphics of the blogs, it's all thanks to LJ, she’s one of our in-house graphic designers!

As I wrote this blog, I asked myself what the main purpose of this write up was? Today marks my one year work-sary since I joined iGel Beauty and entered the world of nail art designs, nail hacks, and things to know before becoming a nail tech. What a thrilling ride it has been. If I'll be honest, this post is all about you ( yes, you, a.k.a. iGel Beauties, who are huge fans of our brand and continue to support us till day 1). 

Thank you since all of you gave me a deep understanding of how passionate all of you are in the name of nail art. It's refreshing and inspiring to see a community of nail techs from all walks of life come together to enjoy a banter or rejoice ( virtually) whenever they receive their nail mails. 

Writing for iGel Beauty has taught me a lot about myself the brand and you, and here's what I have learned so far:

1. Nail art is an intricate form of art

Before joining iGel and as a beauty enthusiast myself, I enjoy wearing a French mani or red nails every once in a while. I realized how hard and intricate it was to create a nail art design using dip powder nailsacrylics, or gel

Whenever I scroll on Instagram or Pinterest for nail art designs, I see the amount of energy and mastery it took before those nails could look photo-worthy. With that being said, I now have much more profound respect and admiration for hard-working nail techs continuously honing their craft while running a nail salon.

2. The impact iGel Beauty has on others are tremendous

iGel Beauty as a brand has made it a mission to help its customers in every possible way it can, from customer service to offering the famous 60 % sale.

It takes a team to raise a child, as they say, and iGel Beauty continues to create a wide range yet affordable nail products from nail transfer foils to line art nail brushes top notch quality and durability, one that will be a reliable help to nail techs who are beginners or a professional. 

When I joined iGel Beauty and started writing for the brand, it was heartwarming to witness the romance between iGel Beauties and the brand itself. Since they continue to genuinely support one another, rather than being you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of thing.

3. Nail products are essential

As a beauty writer, I realized how many nail tools and products it takes to make a set of gorgeous-looking press-on or spring nails. If you’re a beginner in the nail industry, you probably learned that there’s more to it than just designing nails. You need to have the right nail tools and products to help you out. Here’s a blog about our nail salon equipment you can read. 

4. Nail techs are one of the most creative and hardworking people 

Behind the glitz and the glam of every successful celebrity nail tech out there, it takes numerous blood, sweat, tears, and stress to get there. So whether you’re a beauty enthusiast who loves to visit nail salons, give your nail techs a hug or some love!

 Becoming a nail tech is challenging but rewarding, especially if you make a nail client smile or feel proud of the apex you finally mastered. Every nail journey is different and valid, there’s no fool-proof solution for you to be a successful nail tech, but you can be one with the right mindset and goals. You can read our blog about defeating self-doubt here!


5. How fun it is to be in a nail community 

I never appreciated virtual communities until I joined the iGel Beauty Facebook community. It's home to a fun and loving bunch! As much as I lurk around the community, seeing how interactive iGel Beauties are together, I often find myself admiring the nail art designs they create ( which is a good distraction and source of inspiration).

 Whether a beginner or a professional, Joining a nail community can help you go a long way. You'll feel less lonely and more inspired, and hey, there are plenty of live demos and interesting discussions not to miss out on! 

So if you're someone longing to be part of an online community where you can ask nail concerns or nail product recommendations, you have to join our inclusive community! P.S. if you ever see me posting a blog post in there or maybe helping a gal out! Don't be afraid to say hi!

6. The importance of nail care and self-love

What are nails without practicing proper nail care and implementing mental health care? If you're like me, who can sometimes be laidback with nail art (I'm a writer; therefore, I often have chipped manicures!), it's not a valid reason to neglect nail care.

 If nail prep is vital for every nail session. It's not enough to be creative to be a thriving nail tech in the industry. It would help if you were practical and logical since you have a business to run. 


Practicing mental health care can help you stay focused, make your clients fall head over heels for you and be on top of online marketing strategies for your nail business. I learned the importance of nail care and mental health care as someone who has to write blogs that will help many nail art enthusiasts out there; therefore, I have to practice what I preach.


Final thoughts:

How can I wrap up this love letter for you? Over the year that I’ve been in iGel Beauty, I learned to appreciate the hustle behind the beauty and nail industry, especially if you have poured love and care into it. Every time we publish a post, I hope you think about us as much as we think about you! 

You can expect only the best from iGel Beauty, and we’re in this together, learning, creating, and inspiring one another. On behalf of the marketing team and me, Thank you, iGel Beauties, for making me a better beauty writer! Here’s to us navigating learning curves, trying out new nail trends, and sharing iGel Beauty products recommendations moving forward!


Love, iGel Beauty Blog Department Team