10 Signs You Should Be a Nail Tech

Are you wondering whether you should be a nail tech by profession? Do you fantasize about making your nail art hobby into a successful side hustle? If yes, and you're still looking for a sign, you have come to the right place! We know that becoming a nail tech is never an easy decision, regardless of whether it's part of your new year's resolution.

Since you have to consider many factors, from juggling motherhood and your nail career to dealing with stress and mental health care, here are the top 10 signs you should be a nail tech, and we're here to inspire you to be your most creative and fearless potential!


1. You have a passion for all things beauty


One of the tell-tale signs you should be a nail tech is if you love beauty; since doing nails requires an eye for beauty and design as we need oxygen to breathe, to become a successful nail tech, you need to have a passion for nail products, nail care, and nail art designs. 
It's best to be an expert already in beauty since nail techs are the specialist's clients trust for beauty and wellness. You have to know what to do when a client has developed nail allergies or dip flu or understand the best nail art brushes to use during a nail session. Becoming a nail tech means you're an expert on the latest nail techniques such as crackle gel, ombre nails, nail transfer foil art designs, acrylic nails, etc.


2. You love doing nail art designs

Think of your favorite beauty blogger or makeup content creator; what do they have in common? They constantly create beautiful content and share it with the world or their audience. If you love creating nail art designs, from simple nail art to abstract nail art as a hobby for your friends or community, It's one of the signs you should become a nail tech. 

If you're intrigued about learning more nail art designs by going to a nail school, you can also opt-in for enrolling in a nail tech course to test the waters and learn more.


3. You’re always looking for nail art designs or have nail art ideas

If you’re always on the hunt online for the latest nail art designs or what nail art designs your favorite celebrities are wearing, then you have a passion for nails. Like an artist on how they come up with beautiful masterpieces, the same thing goes for nail techs who always have nail art ideas; the only difference is their platform or medium. 


4. You have a heart of an artist and mind of an entrepreneur

Yes, becoming a nail tech is not just about creating nail art designs since you’ll be running a nail salon. It requires a lot of energy and time, including having the right nail salon equipment, maintaining nail salon sanitation, practicing nail art designs photography, and implementing online marketing strategies

If you plan to start your nail career, you should consider wearing hats once you start your journey. You can read our blog about practical beginner nail tech tips here. A nail tech knows how to implement business and marketing lessons to keep their brand successful.


5. You’re good with people

Okay, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be a nail tech if you're an introvert, and becoming a nail tech is only an extrovert-friendly career! It's not enough for you to be skilled in nail art designs. You also have to be good at providing customer service and building relationships with your customers since it will help market yourself as a nail tech

Introverts can also do well in fostering a meaningful relationship with their nail clients by engaging with them. Being a good nail tech or a nail professional also means connecting with other nail enthusiasts and relating to them from their struggles to knowing the best nail products.


6. Your loved ones encourage you to be a professional nail tech

This is one of the tell-tale signs you should pursue a career in the nail industry since your loved ones are motivating you to give it a shot. It's natural for anyone to doubt their capabilities, especially if they're a beginner; however, it's different if people encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone or pursue your dreams. 

It never hurts to try and see what opportunities can open for you. Remember the quote, "Fortune favors the bold." You can read our blog about defeating self-doubt here.


7. You love the flexibility

Pursuing a nail career, whether as a mobile nail tech or nail tech with a home office or a nail salon office, can help you be flexible in lifestyle and work hours. By utilizing efficient and the best booking apps, you can manage your schedule and achieve a work-life balance. If you love working different hours and having a work schedule that is not the same every day, then the career of a nail tech is suitable for you.


8. You admire other nail techs

If you love the works of other nail techs and if you're always keeping tabs on successful celebrity nail techs since you want to know how they started from the bottom and rose to the top of their nail career, then it's another sign that you should be a nail tech or a nail professional.


9. You’re determined to succeed in the beauty or nail industry

Becoming a successful nail tech is never easy but with determination and having the right mindset. You can flourish in the cutthroat industry of nails. It would be best if you were ready for challenges and open to learning new things as you go. Check out our roundup about female-empowering books here and the books for self-help books you should read as a nail tech.


10. You’re looking for a sign to pursue your dreams of becoming a nail tech

One of the main reasons you're reading this blog post is that you're looking for an affirmation or confirmation that you're on the right path. Following your heart or dreams with the right amount of nudge and encouragement will finally give you courage and clarity. May this blog inspire you and enlighten your mind as you decide for your future self. We're here to support you every step of the way!

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