6 Father's Day Ideas: Nail Tech Edition

Father's Day is just around the corner! There are plenty of Father's Day ideas you can do to recognize them, but we've rounded up activities that Fathers of nail tech or nail salon owners can enjoy! 

If you're on the hunt for Father's Day ideas and wondering how you can make the dad's in your life feel special for this day, you can take some inspiration on how to make them have fun and have memorable moments with them.

 1. Give your father a mani and pedi


Yes, this is one of the classic R&R Father's Day ideas you shouldn't miss out on. Who said they don't deserve to have a luxurious spa experience? You can offer them nail care on Father's Day as a nail tech! 

It's a win-win situation, you get to practice your skills, and they get to feel loved. Most nail techs who have a close bond with their fathers or husbands often practice their nail art designs with their family or friends, this might not surprise them, and they will appreciate you wanting to pamper them on this special day! If your dad wants to have a minimalistic mani you will need sanding bands, and a buffer kit of 6 to get you started!

2. Build your nail room together

Building a nail room is never easy, from needing the right nail salon equipment to organizing your nail desk. Whether you're an at-home nail tech or a DIY, you need all the help you can get to make your dream nail room a reality. 

If your father is great at building, A week before Father's Day rolls in, why don't you bond with them by asking them to help construct your space? If you're still living with your parents, you can ask your father for help. 

Most iGel Beauties have supportive fathers who helped them have their nail room or convert the garage into their own working space to accept clients; some fathers helped build an outdoor shed that will serve as their at-home nail room.

You can ask your husband and children to help build your nail room if you're married. Just remember to keep your younger children from getting hold of your nail products if they want to help out. You'll be surprised how your father or husband might be stoked about having a project to work on. 

Most men have handyman skills that are just waiting to be used when the opportunity arises! You can bond and collaborate with them this Father's Day to build your nail room, whether you're still a student or a professional.

3. Talk to them

When was the last time you talked with your dad? Most Father's Day ideas are often very special or grand, but sticking to the basics, a nice conversation with them where you talk about anything under the season speaks volumes.

If you're a mobile nail tech, you might always be out of town or rushing to your next nail booking. If you're not always on the go, you might be too caught up building your personal branding or always with your nail training hand  for hours. 

This Father's Day, it would help if you pause for a day, be present with your family, grab a cup of hot beverage, and ask your dad or husband how they are doing. Not only is it a simple gesture of love, but it can also be a practice of mental health care as a nail tech.

It's one way to give back to your dad for all the times you need a shoulder to cry on whenever you self-doubt as a nail tech or feel discouraged in your nail tech journey; you can also show him your love. If your dad is also a nail tech, you can catch up on the latest nail trends or talk about any nail-related topics you can bond with!

4. Honor them by wearing Father's Day Nails

One of the fun yet creative ways you express your love for your dad or husband on this special day is sporting a Father's Day nail art! You can unleash your artistic side; the common colors for Father's Day nails are blue, white, green, and red. 

However, if you're looking for more nail inspiration, here are our recommendations; black and white French nails, superhero designs, I love dad, necktie, mustache and dad typography with hearts! 

Another excellent opportunity for you to practice your nail art designing skills and, at the same time, pay homage to your loved ones! This is also one of the great Father's Day ideas for nail techs having their first Father's Day without dad or missing their late dads or husbands. You can dedicate your next mani to dad using our varieties of nail art stickers, from sports to letter initials!

 5. Bake them Father's Day cookies

If you love cooking or baking, aside from doing your nails, you can bake your father treats that will satisfy his sweet tooth! Imagine smelling freshly baked chocolate sandwiches, strawberry-dipped sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies! 

You can have a Father's Day theme by decorating them around your dad's interests, such as his favorite car brand, remote control if he's always on the television or his favorite sports team! Just be mindful of your nails when you're baking or cooking. Applying nourishing oil on your nails or hand cream and wearing dish gloves would be best.

 6. Surprise your dad with nail products

If your dad is a nail artist like you, you can share the love by lending them your nail products to make them feel special! Another thing you can do is give them gifts for Father's Day; if your dad is a huge fan of cutting-edge technology for doing nail art designs, We recommend our UV Sterilization Box, Phantom Pro Dust Collector, UV/LED Nail Lamps, Odor Eliminator, Airbrush, and E-File

Our UV Sterilization Box is one of the perfect Father's Day gifts since it's multipurpose in cleaning small-sized nail products, keys, or any small items. Gift your dad a new tech item to fall in love with on this special day!



However, if your dad is passionate about nail art designs and a nail product lover, you can support him by igniting his creativity with our French Tip Dip Case, 3D Dual Flower Magnet, Nail Forms, Nail Art Brushes, Line Art Gel Kit and more!

If you're still hunting for Father's Day nails, you can find more of these nail art designs in our Facebook community! Join us, and you'll get more than what you came for, from live demos to gaining nail tech friends. See you there!